April 30, 2019 Latest News

  • ESET Partners with Alphabet’s Chronicle
  • ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced it has partnered with Chronicle, an Alphabet company, to provide essential validation on security incidents and alerts within Backstory, Chronicle’s global cloud service where companies can privately upload, store, and analyze their internal security telemetry to detect and investigate potential attacks.
  • By Vistar Communications
  • DSwiss, Inc. Officially Joined Force with Agape ATP Corp
  • DSwiss Inc (OTC: DQWS), a US based leading corporation for premier nutraceutical and skin care biotechnology, has announced joining force with Agape ATP Corporation (OTC: AATP), one of the largest wellness company in the region. The join force between Dswiss Inc and Agape ATP Corp will assist DSwiss Inc in accelerating the process of “Road to NYC”.
  • By Dswiss Inc