April 29, 2021 Latest News

  • Dr. Steven R. Goldstein MD- Female Hormone Replacement Therapy in NYC
  • Dr Steven R. Goldstein is the Best Obgyn in Manhattan to see for Female Hormone Replacement therapy in NYC. He is very meticulous in his approach and personally goes over a patient’s medical history and her symptoms to determine how best he can help her. Dr Goldstein personally performs any medical examination necessary.
  • By Goldsteinmd
  • AccuPay HCM™ Announces Rick Cottrell as CEO
  • “I am truly excited to be part of the AccuPay HCM™ team. They are a great organization with nearly thirty years of success that brings with it significant payroll and human resources experience and an unmatched passion for keeping their clients very happy and profitable."
  • By Accupay Hcm
  • Electrically heated reusable face masks launches in Canada
  • In response to COVID-19, Sterviral™ introduces a ground-breaking product – Electrically Heated Face Mask ITHAS. It is built from a PATENT-PENDING technology that, for the first time, creates a seamless thermal barrier that reaches as high as 55°C – 90°C around the nose and mouth area.
  • By Sterviral