April 11, 2024 Latest News

  • AI Testing is the Future of Software Quality Says BugRaptors' CEO
  • BugRaptors, an AI-powered QA venture established in 2016, is revolutionizing the automated software testing and quality assurance industry. With a strong emphasis on AI-driven testing, BugRaptors is setting new standards for software quality, proving that AI testing is indeed the future of software quality, as affirmed by the company's CEO, Yashu Kapila.
  • By Bugraptors
  • Cypher Tech Inc. Appoints Melissa Bruno to the Advisory Board
  • Cypher Tech, Inc., a forward-thinking company in the tech industry, is revolutionizing the corporate landscape with its unique solution designed to amplify employee experience and inclusivity while putting employee well-being at the forefront. Today, they are thrilled to announce the latest addition to their Board of Advisors, Melissa Bruno.
  • By Cypher Tech Inc.