April 09, 2015 Latest News

  • MakroCare selected for iDOT by a fast growing US Pharma Client
  • In pursuit of providing high quality and cost effective integrated solutions to the clients through its iDOT (integrate Data Operations & Technology), MakroCare has signed another contract to provide clinical data management, biostatistics services integrated with eClincial tools (mEDC, mIRT) from it's Tech subsidiary DDi, for a Phase II study involving around 300 patients in US.
  • By Makrocare
  • Rabbi Reignites Romance One Bedroom at a Time
  • For thousands of years and through countless upheavals, Jewish marriages sustained their intimacy by following an ancient wisdom. This understanding of human relationships enabled them to experience the highest form of physical intimacy…Oneness. These teachings are now almost lost. The film, The Lost Key, explores it with real couples. The film makes it's Texas debut this weekend at WorldFest.
  • By Refuge Communications