January 27, 2017 Latest News

  • From Montreal to Dubai: FLOAT4 creates one of the largest immersive experiences in the world
  • Float4 kicks off 2017 in Dubai with an all-new multimedia show that merges LED, video mapping, water-screen projection, digital canopy and sound experience. Meraas City Walk, a new outdoor retail shopping concept has now come to life thanks to over 100,000,000 pixels of digital content, spread over 30 exhibition areas, making it the largest digital deployment integrated into a retail destination.
  • By Float4
  • The Boy From Tomorrow YA Psychic Novels
  • Can we see tomorrow? Author Daniel Ormont explores his clairvoyant episodes in "The Boy From Tomorrow" YA novels. Daniel asserts we all possess this gift to some degree. With tweens and teens highly receptive, your children might just surprise you!
  • By Doormont