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Top Quote Yoga Philharmonic, released in five different volumes are Sandeep Khurana's latest most uplifting musical compositions, with sounds that can be experienced as relaxing, and meditative with a subtle ethereal touch to the whole creation. End Quote
  • San Francisco, CA (1888PressRelease) September 09, 2011 - The music succeeds well in creating an out-of-body experience for the listeners, transporting them to realms beyond the physical world, helping them achieve that inner peace and harmonious state of mind.

    The music is a fascinating blend of New Age synthesized and organic guitars sounds, voices, and nature sounds, creating that magical ambience in the minds of the listeners, taking them away to an entirely different part of the universe.

    With Yoga Philharmonic Volume 1 - Enlightenment, the listeners journey through "White Light Meditation", "Osho Cadence", "No Mind Rhythm", "Spirit Reflections", "Higher Consonance", "Healing the Self", "Love Enharmonic", "Universe Ensemble", "Surrender to Self", and "Rebirth The Awakened Being".

    The music of the album is about healing the mind, uplifting the spirits of the listeners, and helping them achieve a relaxed state of being. Be it flutes, piano notes, strings or guitars, the idea is to keep the instrumentation pleasant, the mood relaxed, and the sounds gentle yet mysterious.

    Yoga Philharmonic Volume 2 - Ethereal, as the name very well says, has sounds with feel more ethereal. They are reflective of the mood characterized by lightness and insubstantiality, as if one is experiencing an existence more intangible.

    "Aum Vibration", is about resonating with the universal sound "Aum" or "Om" as we feel it. Brahma, according to Hinduism, is the name given to Creator, and hence Brahma Yoga is connecting with the creative energy within the universe, and the energy that created the universe. Shiva, as God is associated both with creating the Good and destroying the Evil. "Shiva Dance Meditation", is an opportunity to dance with, to get in rhythm with the divine, and align one's inner rhythm with Shiva. "Krishna Universal Form" helps visualize God Krishna's universal form, as eternal cycles of Karma, Good and Evil, Good and Bad, Life and Death, Joy and Grief, Cause and Effect.

    "Inner Child" plays with the inner child in the listeners, the innocence, and the truth that lives in every being. "Kundalini Yoga" is about aspiring for enlightenment, to be able to raise one's vibrations, to make the Kundalini rise to the Divine Chakra. "Chakra Yoga", is an exercise for healing the 7 major Chakras, Balancing them, and tuning them to heal the mind and the body. "Om Mantra Yoga" is another opportunity to resonate with the universal sound, "OM". "Pranayama Breath Yoga", helps the listener to practice Pranayama, a very old technique that employs varying breathing patterns, and pauses between inhalation and exhalation to heal the body and the mind and bring oneself in harmony.

    "Yoga Philharmonic" hence, is an ideal collection of New Age music albums for every being who wishes to achieve a relaxed state of mind, and peace through music.

    Sandeep Khurana's signature sounds are New Age, Ethereal, Meditative, Melodious and yet Mysterious. He has composed and produced more than 42 music albums on New Age, and World Music. The resonant and lilting sounds he paints, the musical landscapes he creates, owe their existence, to his endless years of experience in healing and spirituality, combined with his distinctive skill in music. Something that is unparalleled in beauty and depth.

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