"The One" by Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty is published

Top Quote A unique Mind, Body and Spirit book with underlying messages which provide a channel for revealing timeless truths. End Quote
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    “The One” by Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty is published
    A unique Mind, Body and Spirit book with underlying messages which provide a channel for revealing timeless truths

    About the Book:
    ‘THE ONE’ is a light-hearted read, simple in explanation, but what are perhaps deeper, underlying messages for each reader to ingest and make sense of in their own particular way. It is hoped that the book will serve as a conduit in revealing eternal truths. Like the Lotus Blossom, one petal after the other opening, unfolding and transforming to show the beauty and wisdom within. All springing forth from THE ONE.

    About the Author:
    Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty has always been interested in the human psyche, as well as all things spiritual and from the heart, and how these aspects of human nature are integrated. Having been brought up in a family which travelled the world, her global experiences helped her to fully appreciate the depth and beauty of all humanity. Throughout her life, she has developed a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding which has helped her to guide, inspire and motivate others.

    She has taught in Further Education, with students from various countries, cultures and faiths. Theresa was coordinator of projects with the National Probation Service and Health and Social Care Services, helping to educate those unable to 'fit into the more traditional way of learning'. She left the more conventional working life and now devotes her time to therapeutic interventions. She has trained to the Master Teacher Level in Reiki, which she has been practising and teaching for many years now.

    Theresa is also the author of “The Little Lotus Book of Wisdom: A Self-Help Guide for Reflection and Contemplation” (2016) and “The Little Book of Life Changes: Reflections on the Process” (2010).

    For more about the author, see: www.theresakahn.com

    Excerpt from “The One”:

    “Many of us live busy lives – moving from one point to the next with thoughts either in the past or the future, but rarely in the present moment. It’s a habit that we unconsciously partake in as we go about our day and then allowing ourselves to be captured by the final thought of the day with concerns of what happened today and what might happen tomorrow. When this happens, we are missing out on what the present moment has to give… and so the wheel turns, taking us aimlessly into the past or future.

    In the present moment, there is no judgement of the now because whilst being in the present moment your senses are activated with the experience of being present. When we are consciously present there is no room for allowing ourselves to be taken with thoughts of yesterday or thoughts of tomorrow.

    When one is consciously present, the magic starts to unfold. This is where you can fully see, hear, smell, taste, feel, etc. this moment in time, all done consciously and fully aware – and with that comes your gifts unfolding like petals from a lotus blossom, before you… one at a time… it’s magic!

    How can you make that first move to being in the moment NOW? A quick and easy first step would be to: stop whatever you are doing… Take a breath, (i.e. several deep inhale and exhales)… Observe all around you, (i.e. taking in the smells, the sounds, the sights, etc.) then finally, just proceed with what you were doing. That’s the fastest way to snap yourself out of being everywhere except the present.

    The more you allow yourself to be fully and consciously in the present, in the now – the more you will want to be here – there isn’t any other place to be, but consciously present, living in the NOW and catching the magic in the moment.”

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