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  • (1888PressRelease) September 13, 2022 - ISBN #‎978-1803693934

    New Generation Publishing releases exciting new thriller entitled “The Black Rose” by Ian Robert Bell

    About the book:
    A human body found burned to ashes on the floor of a London apartment, and a notorious female criminal still on the run twenty years after she’s supposed to be dead...

    These are just some of the problems facing police officer Keith Parker as he finds himself inexorably drawn into a very dark and dangerous situation the like of which he has never encountered before in all his years working for the London Met.

    Who is the mysterious woman called Sterling? What is the significance of the black rose found lying next to the body in the apartment, and why has a London Chinese crime gang suddenly taken an interest in the whole affair?

    What happens next is the stuff of nightmares...!!!

    About the Author:
    Ian Robert Bell was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, in 1955. He studied for an MA degree at York University in 1979 before working as a picture restorer for a number of art galleries and museums in the north of England, including those of the city of Sheffield, where he now lives. Though a restorer of paintings by profession, he took up creative writing as his main occupation in 2002 and works primarily in the mystery/thriller end of the literary spectrum.

    Excerpt from “The Black Rose”:
    “This is where they must have kept Debbie, she thought. Silver’s taken her somewhere else... or worse. I’ve got to find her…
    [She’s here with me, Sterling. I’m upstairs in the office if you still want to negotiate. There’s still time].

    It was Silver’s voice again. Was he telling the truth or just taunting her? Well, there was only one way to find out.
    There was a noise outside. Sterling dropped to the floor, thumbing off the Beretta’s safety catch and aiming it at the doorway. She listened. Nothing. No sound. Perhaps she’d been mistaken.
    Up on her hands and knees now, she crawled towards the door. Keeping low and to the right of the doorway, reaching the wall and crouching, waiting, Beretta held shoulder high. There was a smell of marijuana in the corridor. Another of Silver’s shooters perhaps?

    Keeping her breathing shallow, she waited. A few feet away, just outside the doorway, someone coughed, then gave a long sigh and went quiet. Now—

    She stepped into the corridor and let rip with her Beretta aiming it at the orange gun flashes in front of her. It was over in a matter of seconds. One lone shooter, a Jamaican guy, working alone and bleeding to death on the carpet. Nobody special. Just one of Silver’s foot soldiers whose luck had ran out. He’d taken three bullets square in the chest and was barely conscious, the force of the blast having knocked him several feet backwards toppling over a tall potted palm by the staircase. Oh well, he was one less gunman to worry about, thought Sterling stepping over the body and making her way towards the stairs. Onwards and upwards, she supposed.”

    “The Black Rose” by Ian Robert Bell is currently available in hardback (ISBN #978-1803693941) and in paperback (ISBN #978-1803693934)

    Available through all good booksellers including Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble
    Review copies available on request – contact details below
    For interview, comment and information about this novel from New Generation Publishing, email: info ( @ ) newgeneration-publishing dot com or call 01234 711 956

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