“The ABC of Revelation and the Beast” by Nicholas Brand

Top Quote This newly-published book unwraps some of perennial mysteries of the Biblical Revelation. End Quote
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    “The ABC of Revelation and the Beast” by Nicholas Brand
    This newly-published book unwraps some of perennial mysteries of the Biblical Revelation

    About the Book:
    This book aims to solve some of the great enigmas of the last book of the Bible, which has fascinated and puzzled Christians for centuries. The interpretation contends that the USSR is the beast and reveals the meaning and identity of the seven heads and ten horns of the beast. Moscow is identified as Babylon the Great, and the significance of the second beast is also explained. The true number of the beast is proven to be 616, not 666, and all interpretations are based on this hypothesis. The evil nature of communism is examined and supported with quotes from those who have suffered under the hammer and sickle, the number of the beast.

    In sum, the controversial points in this book include:
    1. 616, not 666, is the number of the Beast
    2. The USSR, not ancient Rome, is the Beast
    3. Moscow, not Rome, is Babylon the Great
    4. Pope Francis (wittingly or unwittingly) is promoting Soviet strategy through environmentalism and Liberation Theology
    5. The Hammer and Sickle, the number of the Beast, represents Karl Marx
    6. The Second Beast will be a reunited Church: a union of the Roman Catholic Church with the Orthodox Church
    7. The Moscow Patriarchate (Russian Orthodox Church) is controlled by the FSB (formerly known as the KGB)
    8. The “collapse” of the Soviet Union was a provocation and not genuine, but rather controlled by the communist strategists themselves
    9. The Commonwealth of Independent States is the “Beast that is not”
    10. Mikhail Gorbachev is a key agent of influence promoting the Soviet strategy
    11. Barack Obama may be an agent of influence promoting the restructure of the United States

    About the Author:
    Nicholas Brand, the author of this well-researched and well-argued treatise, read Latin at Nottingham University. Nick has always been a keen reader of the Bible and avidly interested in Christianity. After graduating, Nick became a qualified Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives and spent several years working in conveyancing. He has spent the last 12 years as a house husband of his three children.

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