“Terrapin” Fanny pack successfully comeback, become the current trend in bag, even Zhao Wei, Han Xue are hanging

Top Quote Big Red Oval waist bag single look is a little rustic, not high enough saturation red in so many beautiful colors in the encirclement. But all the items are good-looking by the take. End Quote
  • Ames, IA (1888PressRelease) March 10, 2021 - Fanny packs have been synonymous with “Kitsch”until they were targeted by the fashion world, and the Fanny packs that once seemed to be the preserve of only uncles and businessmen have become a favorite fashion item for celebrities and street-style bloggers.

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    Accessorized with work clothes, with a small skirt, with a small fragrance are super good-looking, it has become a practical function out of the decoration, and a variety of styles of clothing to match, in the waist line to create a different sense of fashion.

    Big Red Oval waist bag single look is a little rustic, not high enough saturation red in so many beautiful colors in the encirclement. But all the items are good-looking by the take, an orange straight tube with such a belt skirt waist bag is very clever. WOW, I really like this Women’s Fanny Pack. The Fanny Pack became the belt of the dress, giving the straight skirt a nice waistline. Similar skirts without waistlines can be worn with a Fanny pack to show off the waist.

    The belt waist bag is super cool, the small square style is very similar to the mobile phone bag, and it is really only suitable for the size of a phone. Similar to the design of the wallet can also be filled with a variety of cards, hanging in the front, safe and good-looking. Two small square bags together, but it is very often seen in the movie clip, it looks very cool. Cool bags are also great for cool suits. A solid white suit with a dark green Fanny Pack is simply not very professional.

    A smaller Fanny Pack might not fit in a cell phone, and it’s almost a belt. But a leather belt with a small bag is always more special than a simple belt. Wear a simple t shirt skirt to tie one of these Fanny Packs and you’ll look really cool as a girl. You’ll need a pair of black martin boots to pull it off.

    Sometimes you need a belt to look your best in a shirtskirt, and that’s where the Fanny Pack comes in. The patchwork color waist bag looks like a small bag hanging on the waist belt, tie it to a long shirt skirt, with the color is very vibrant echo. In fact, with the black shirt skirt, the waist bag with black and red splicing is not the best-looking, with a larger color difference of white or green will be better. Like Han Xue, black and red are classic.

    A pair of flaming red pointed leather boots with a large waist bag of the same color, the color on the unabashed echo made very straightforward, but also very A. Wearing a black dress but a big red Fanny Pack on a rather formal occasion is super eye-catching. If this is how the red carpet’s gonna go down, it’s gonna Be You.

    The more obvious approach is to simply use the Fanny Pack as a belt, which is perfectly integrated with the entire outfit. Black Fanny pack with white zipper pants. It’s so urban. This is something all fairies can borrow from, and you can do the same with a plain t shirt and jeans, but be warned, it will look even better with a different color.

    Red and black is really a classic combination of clothes and bags. If you wear a black suit, you can not help but wear a red bag. Compared with the ordinary messenger bag, the red bag tied at the waist is really bright. A small Fanny Pack will also tighten loose clothing a lot, making the whole person more energetic.

    A coffee-colored Fanny Pack is a relatively easy-to-wear, and as a common color for a bag, it’s almost impossible to pick out clothes. Coffee doesn’t steal the show with what you’re wearing, and it’s always just the right amount of decoration. If you’re wearing a hoodie and jeans like Zhao Wei, hang a brown fanny pack to look youthful.

    Want to wear the word of small sweet breeze coat, general meeting chooses temperament to hang a handbag, let whole person is full of Lady flavour. If you want the fragrance to be younger and younger, you can do it by wearing a Fanny Pack. The overall temperament of the waist bag is partial to girl, can weaken the mature sense of the dress.

    Super thin to hang a waist bag, the bag belt slightly loose down, it will make the waist look smaller. A Burberry shirt with a white Fanny Pack makes you look big. The classic shirt matches the color of the skin white beauty, White Fanny pack more enhance the quality of this brand.

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