"Scars of a Boy Soldier: A Boy Soldier's Story in His Own Words" by Alex Olango is published

Top Quote Gripping real-life story of a Ugandan boy kidnapped and forced to fight for rebel forces. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 07, 2016 - "Scars of a Boy Soldier: A Boy Soldier's Story in His Own Words" by Alex Olango, About the Book: Scars of a Boy Soldier is the story of the physical and psychological turmoil suffered by a 12-year-old boy when he's abducted into the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda.

    This 25-year-old Ugandan author faced violent memories that, for ten years, he had tried to repress.

    Forgotten tears were shed in the writing of this book.

    How should the story be told? What should be told? How much detail should be told?
    Readers will get a unique insight into what happened to a young boy when he was torn from his family and tortured into fighting.

    This gripping story, beyond imagination, is written from the heart. Gruesome, but understated, and without gratuitous detail.

    Excerpt from the Book:
    "In this book, I attempt the most difficult walk of my life. I can't find a destination. Not to take it that far, I don't have a direction.

    I am going to take you into my life from zero background, to freedom. Read as I struggle with life and nightmares, feel, admire and hate the people I met on the way.

    This is who I am.

    The suffering of others, those who are still trapped in the lion's den, those who returned but found out there was no need because there wasn't anyone to return to and those parents still waiting for their children to miraculously show up after being gone 20 years should concern me, should concern you. There is indeed a global need to continue to bring support and solidarity to those suffering from a total denial of basic rights."

    Review on Amazon:
    5.0 out of 5 stars Facing the nightmares

    By Amazon Customer on 8 Jun. 2016
    Format: Paperback

    This book is a personal & genuine story, clearly written by Olango himself.

    Olango tells us of his young childhood in northern Uganda, where he experienced the LRA rebel 'war' in his neighbourhood. He & his siblings became 'night commuters' walking into Gulu town every night & fighting for a small plot on a veranda, because the rebels came into villages at night. He was abducted from his village when only 12 years old and was subjected to 'the worst day of my life' on only the second day with the rebels.

    The gripping story is full of action from abduction, through ambushes & attacks, fighting leopards, crossing a huge crocodile infested river, to his moving homecoming. Terrible punishments made it impossible for boys to disobey until, as he says, "I became a monster. I was one of them." His actions, motivation and thinking became like a rebel's.

    Olango gives us access to his most private thoughts - his terrors, how he blanked his mind and resisted pain, the danger of having friends, being near starvation and utter despair that made him want to end it all.

    Olango explains his years of nightmares and how he eventually, after 10 years of silence, came to write this book. Reliving memories that had remained untold for 10 years made him face the terrible things that he did and were done to him. Emotions overflowed as he decided how to tell his story.

    It is unimaginable.

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