“Not For All the Tea in China” by Chris Burrows is published

Top Quote Entertaining autobiography of a well-seasoned traveler. End Quote
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    “Not For All the Tea in China” by Chris Burrows is published

    Entertaining autobiography of a well-seasoned traveler

    About the Author:
    Chris Burrows was born in 1947 to a mother from Barnsley and a father from Essex. He has three great loves in his eventful life: Barnsley FC, Yorkshire County Cricket Club and his wonderful wife. His wife is his rock; Yorkshire CCC is his summertime passion; the Super Reds break his heart year after year- but he wouldn't swap them for any other team in the world.

    Excerpt from the book:
    “The sales manager suddenly turned to me and said, “Don’t look out the door now, but all I can see is smoke.” And I did look out of the door and there on the 19th floor of this very large hotel was smoke so thick you couldn’t see anything. And we didn’t know where it had come from. We had no idea. Now the staff were I’m afraid typical of the Chinese. They panicked immediately and just simply did what you shouldn’t do, because at the side of every lift it’ll tell you in a hotel ‘in case of fire do not use lift’. The Chinese, on a rather lighter note, don’t put ‘if’ they put ‘when’. In other words, they’re expecting a fire. They always put ‘when there is a fire do not use the lift’. The staff just shouted, “There’s a fire,” ran to the lift, got in the lift and went down and chanced their arm. We were left.

    There were the four of us and I recall there were two other men there who turned out to be two Dutchmen who were on business. And the six of us headed towards the fire exit at the far end of the corridor, which we could just about glimpse as the smoke was increasing. It was a very funny smoke. It smelled. It was a very odd thing. And we went on to the end where the fire door was and I was thinking… “Well, all fire doors should not be locked, but since we’re in China it’s a very fair bet that this fire door will be locked.” And we got there and somebody pushed it and thank goodness it wasn’t locked, but it let us out onto the fire exit which was a series of staircases going all the way down to the ground; stone staircases with a green painted bannister to guide you. And on each floor as you went down, in green, was the number of the floor. Well, I, with my poor heart and what have you, was not too sure whether I could manage this.

    We thankfully were going down and not up and we began to go down and down and we put handkerchiefs over our mouths to keep out this awful smelling smoke. And we went down and down and down and eventually we got down to – and I could see it – just – the number 8 and I felt that that was it for me. I just felt that I couldn’t go any further. And I remember saying to… I don’t know where the Dutch people were, but they’d gone. They’d disappeared. Whether they’d gone quicker than us, I don’t know. I presume they must have done. And I just said to the two people who were with me, “You go on lads because I’m not going to get out of this. I will not get out of this.” And they were most encouraging and said, “Come on, come on, get up, get up, get up. You must. You must try. Get up.”

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