"Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" by Mark F. Kalita published and released Oct. 14, 2014

Top Quote Mark F. Kalita released "Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" shows the prophecy of Daniel is about the Roman church created upon unsupported dogma over 1650 years ago by Caesar. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 21, 2014 - Author Mark F. Kalita's release of "Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" claims that the prophecy of horns within the seventh chapter of Judaic prophet Daniel's book is about the Roman Catholic Church. Mark also claims to have deciphered the true calculations of the 'End Times' using the Judaic Jubilee calendar to show that the second witness is currently upon the earth. In his new book, Mark writes that this second 'witness' was born in 1963 and has been giving testimony to a world overcome with denial.

    "If you look at history within the proper context and realize that the prophecy of Daniel was about spiritual matters and not of a temporal kingdom, the truth becomes clear. Zechariah quotes God as saying, 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit' as did other prophets , so why would this be a temporal matter?" questions Mark in a recent interview. "In the 300 years after the first one gave his testimony, the emperors of Rome fought in a war over spirit. The Caesars claimed that they were gods. They did not like any other gods. In 380 CE, three Caesars, Theodosius I, Gratian, and Valentinian II, delivered the 'Edict of Thessalonica' in order that all their subjects should profess the faith of the Bishop of Rome. The three horns gave their power to the one who was diverse from all the rest of the 10 others."

    In his book, Mark not only shows that 2014 CE is the beginning of the elusive 'End Times', but his calculations also show when the followers of the first one found the 'light' and had miracles of spirit, as recorded in the book of "Acts". Using Scriptural reference, Mark explains that Jesus was a man, the first 'anointed one' of Judaic prophecy and that there is a second 'anointed one' who is alive today. This "Hidden Messiah" is currently warning the people of the earth of changes that will take place in the Judaic year of 5777, 2016 - 2017 CE.

    "It is unfortunate that the Vicar of Rome has changed the times and the laws. The Judaic Jubilee calendar, as given to the people of the earth by the archangels, tells a fantastic story of the heavens and our place within it," Mark discloses about his work. "The people of the earth must realize that the earth resides within the heavens."

    Mark uses direct references taken from the 'King James Version' of the bible which explains the 'two anointed ones' within Judaic and Christian prophecy. The two 'messiah' system explained within the book outlines how these two stand at different places within history.

    "The thing with the dogma of Rome that I found most interesting is that there is no proof for their beliefs within their own canon. Even within the corrupted texts of Paul, he calls their Jesus a man," Mark explains. "I have a great amount of biblical proof within my book to support my findings. I have published volumes of information with direct, substantive quotes and proof from within all religious texts. They tell a far different story than what Rome has made up."

    "Religions of men were created by men for the benefit of men. In the heavens there is no religion, only the adoration of God. You are in the heavens," Mark concludes. "The family on earth has been given this planet to cherish, steward and keep for all generations of their family. Unfortunately, the Roman dogma runs counter to some very basic tenets within their own canon. Without direct substantive proof, the dogma makes unsupported claims about the heavens. I show a system based in facts and I am branded as evil and twisted. The Roman church has told stories based on no facts from within their own canon since before 380 and they are the 'bearers of truth' and the voice of 'God' that everyone should follow? Just read "Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" for yourself and you can make your own decision whether you want to live with truth or within a delusion of a story created by a Caesar approximately 1650 years ago. 2014 is almost gone. 2016 is almost here."

    This book, "Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" is self-published by Mark F. Kalita and is available in paperback Kindle. It is available for $14.95 through Mark's publisher at https://www.createspace.com/5057442 and you can get the paperback for a 20% discount on Mark's author website at http://www.KALITA.com only $11.95 + PH for a limited time. A Kindle version of "Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy" is available for $5.99 through Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ONDB9QE.

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