"Christianity, Evolution's Final Phase" by Christopher Irven is published

Top Quote A grandfather explains God's role in our lives to his grandson. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 29, 2016 - "Christianity, Evolution's Final Phase" by Christopher Irven, About the Book: Asked five questions by his grandson, the author responds step by step to illuminate the answers dormant in the young man's mind, laying out the perfect logic of Christianity that reveals what it is to be human. Science and religion are seen in simple accord when both are on track in their own realms: truth cannot contradict truth. But the astounding conclusion is that mankind, now in evolution's final phase, is neither the only intelligent life form in the cosmos nor the only one redeemed by Christ.

    In sum, these five questions are:
    Creationism and Darwinism - do these understandings have to conflict or might they complement each other?

    If evolution had not been discovered, would our understanding of life on Earth have stayed anchored in creationism?

    If our understanding had been so constrained, would there have been the differences that there are today in interpreting the Old Testament? But if not so constrained, why are there these differences?

    Where do our prayers "go"? Can they make a difference by swaying God's decisions? If God is all-powerful and all-wise, can we change his mind - or should we even try? Or is the purpose of prayer to open our minds to understand and be in accord with the mind of God? What part does freewill play?

    In the face of dreadful suffering are we not entitled to cry, "Where the hell is God?" On the other hand we are not controlled like automata, we have freewill, so can this help us to unravel this conundrum?

    Excerpt from the Book:
    "I am a Catholic, but more by conviction and faith than obedience. A consequence had been an ability to communicate the Faith to others. I did this initially by talking to adults and, after leaving the Army, through teaching young people as well - believers and doubters - sometimes when asked to by the priest and at other times off my own bat. Four of the books I have published were about prayer, in the hope of helping people with the same difficulties I had had. When one of my grandsons recently asked me how to answer the five questions put to him by an atheist friend, I realized the time had come to put all my ad hoc teaching about Christianity over the years into another book while there was still time.

    My approach was to avoid bible-thumping, hitting enquirers with dogmatic statements or catechetical "pat" answers that would be too 'in your face' and off-putting. An interest in physics and cosmology helped: the mindset there is to ask questions, work things out in one's own mind as far as one can, and check whether one's conclusions fit the observations of researchers. Church teaching and the Scriptures confirm when one is on track, but I would always question that teaching. I believe God gave us mysteries beyond our reach to exercise our spiritual muscles and that under-used faculty of the soul, the intellect."

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