“32 Minutes: A Time Travel Story” by Matthew Wade is published

Top Quote A riveting new sci-fi thriller introducing Secret Service agent Gibson Hill. End Quote
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    “32 Minutes: A Time Travel Story” by Matthew Wade is published

    A riveting new sci-fi thriller introducing Secret Service agent Gibson Hill

    About the Book:
    As the world’s leaders gather in London for an historic event, Secret Service agent Doctor Gibson Hill watches on as they are overshadowed by a brutal terrorist attack. With no way out and no chance of survival, a twist in time may be the only hope.

    About the Author:
    Matthew Wade is a sci-fi and supernatural author. He started his creative career as a lead guitar player and toured the country in the back of many old broken-down vans. Since then, he has turned his hand to his other passion - writing. He previously published “The Ballad of Robert Finlay” (2017).

    Matthew lives in London with his wife and children, loves loud music, books (of course) and has never met a coffee machine he hasn't liked.

    Excerpt from the book:
    I moved around the table and sat next to her. Our eyes meeting. “Everything resets and we are back here. No matter if it is twenty, thirty years from now. I’m forty-two again and having this exact same conversation.”

    She sighed as the realisation swept over her. “So, none of this matters. Whatever we do now, if we save the day, if we find Gim and stop all of this, it will all be undone. All of it.”
    Of all of the problems we were trying to overcome, this seemed like the biggest.

    She was right. Unless I could fix this, none of it mattered. The world would still go to hell in a handcart.

    As if on cue, a rumble came from outside. Both of us jumped up and looked out of the window. “The power plant again?”

    Gina was scanning the skyline for any tell-tale signs.

    “No. It’s worse than that. It’s thunder.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “You worried about the weather now? You need a break.”
    She was trying to lighten the mood, something I was grateful for. I was glad Gina was with me on this, I needed someone else to lighten the load; take some of the burden. But this was another problem, just about as big as the others.

    “When all this started, it was hot and sunny. Beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. I was sweating in my suit; a hot summer’s day. Now there’s a storm coming. It’s been slowly turning this way. I hadn’t noticed at first, but the weather had been getting slowly worse and worse; now there’s thunder.”

    Sure enough, rain was starting to hit the window we were looking through, and the sky was dark, the promise of more rain to come. “Same date and time, but something is shifting. I have no idea if it is linked to me resetting time, but it feels like the universe is trying to tell me something. Like it’s angry, like I’ve broken something in time.”

    “So what do we do?”

    Gina stood and put on her jacket. I looked up as she made for the door. “Where are you going?”

    “Come on. We need more help.”

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