Zonka Feedback Partners with Webex by Cisco to Support Real-time Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes during Webex Meetings

Top Quote Zonka has rolled out a Zonka Webex Edition as a part of Webex’s Embedded Apps, enabling users to take real-time feedback, conduct surveys and quizzes with Webex meeting attendees. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 13, 2022 - Gurugram, Haryana - Zonka Feedback, a leading Employee and Customer Experience Platform announce Webex Edition — a platform where Zonka is available as a part of Webex’s Embedded Apps. Now Webex users can level up their online meetings and video conferences with real-time surveys, polls, and quizzes with Zonka Feedback.

    As the use of online meetings rose up with the advent of the pandemic, companies and business professionals realized the advantages of virtual meetings and web conferencing. Webex by Cisco is one of the most popular tools that enables its users to connect and collaborate via online meetings and video conferences. To make the meetings more useful, and to enable continuous workflow, Zonka Feedback and Webex have partnered together to introduce a Zonka Webex edition with increased functionalities and features for the users.

    Now, the business professionals and meetings organizers can organize live polls, surveys, and quizzes during the Webex meetings with Zonka Feedback.

    Take Instant Feedback and Opinion with Live Surveys during Meetings
    With Zonka Feedback embedded with Webex, you can create and send surveys to your meeting attendees to collect their responses and feedback instantly during the meeting. You can:
    1. Create any type of survey including metric surveys like NPS, CSAT, and CES
    2. Send surveys during Webex sessions and collect responses
    3. View responses and feedback instantly during the meeting and reach a conclusion without breaking the flow of your meeting.
    4. Use open-ended surveys to get the opinions of your attendees on a particular topic.

    Take Votes of your Attendees with Live Polls during Meetings
    With this integrated edition of Zonka Feedback with Webex, you can organize live polls to take votes for having different opinions of your attendees regarding any decision you want to make and go ahead with the majority of your team. You can:

    1. Start Live Polls for your meeting audience and give them options to vote during the meeting.
    2. View the voting instantly during your Webex session and announce the results at the moment.
    3. Continue the meeting to make your final decision considering the poll results.

    Check Knowledge of Your attendees with Online Quizzes during Meetings
    The Webex integrated edition of Zonka Feedback also helps to organize online quizzes for your meeting attendees. Whether you are a company that wants to check the knowledge of your employees, or an educational institute wanting to conduct an online test of the students, the integrated version helps you in all. You can:

    1. Arrange online quizzes to check the knowledge of your attendees regarding a specific topic of discussion, view and announce scores during the Webex meeting itself.
    2. Select employees and team members to assign a particular task or project as per their knowledge and expertise.
    3. Conduct fun activities with light quizzes for weekly, monthly, or quarterly fun sessions like Friday Fun, Quarterly Virtual Get-together, and Virtual Festival Celebrations.
    4. Conduct online quizzes to promote collective and fun learning for your students.
    5. Check the knowledge of your students on various subjects and lessons.
    6. Track learning of your trainees after or during and online training sessions.

    About Webex
    Webex is an American Company that works to develop and sell applications that facilitate web conferencing and video conferencing. Being founded in 1995, the company was taken over by Cisco Systems in 2007 and became ‘Webex by Cisco’. Its headquarters are located in Milpitas, California. Learn more about Webex here.(https://www.webex.com/)

    About Zonka Feedback
    Zonka Feedback is a leading Customer Experience Management platform that helps businesses capture and analyze customer feedback about their products, services, and customers’ experience with the organization.

    It is a comprehensive software that enables its clients to create customized surveys with their branding and style, and send them to the customers via multiple channels like email, SMS, website, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, smartphones, and kiosks. The tool also works offline as well.

    Learn more about Zonka Feedback here.(http://www.zonkafeedback.com)

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