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Top Quote We can help with any aspect of filing for a trademark. Qualified people guide you through the process. A trademark attorney is available for extra cost. End Quote
  • Philadelphia, PA-NJ (1888PressRelease) March 22, 2016 - You choose either a low-cost filing without an attorney or attorney assistance as needed. At our website you'll find awesome tips and an easy online trademark process.

    Mt.Laurel, NJ: Today at WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com you can order a trademark search at the level of depth that you need. Trademark searches may consist of a simple "knockout search" which just makes sure there is no other identical federal word trademark to a complete in-depth search can be ordered. We can assist with any aspect of the filing of a federal trademark. If more help is needed a trademark attorney is available to assist. Lot's of other useful information regarding trademarks is available on our site.

    A Trademark is any combination of words, pictures, colors, sounds, smells, textures and possibly tastes that identifies goods or services in commerce as being your genuine product. It is generally any element that a producer can use to distinguish his product.

    The use of Trademarks originated thousands of years ago when producers of goods started to put a mark on their goods that identified the products as being their own creation. Widespread use of Trademarks began in the Middle Ages when trade guilds starting identifying their products with marks and devices that notified consumers that this product was produced by a particular guild.

    A Trademark can be as simple as initials or a symbol. It can be as complicated as the short movie that production companies like "Bad Robot" use.

    Trademarks are most often made up of words or figures. However, a Trademark can be obtained within the realm of any the five senses; Sound, Sight, Smell, Touch and possibly Taste. (Although "Taste" is only hypothetical at this point.)

    Trademarks are also possible for "Shape", "Appearance" and "Motion". Some "Shape" trademark examples would be the Coca-Cola bottle and Ipods. The Pizza Hut building is an example of an appearance trademark and the motion trademark of a chocolate orange falling apart into its separate segments is owned by Kraft.

    WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com has several other important IP related products.
    WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com can also help you enforce your trademarks and other IP. If your rights are infringed WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com can help by filing a cease and desist notice and pursuing your rights including litigation.
    WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com can help you maintain a schedule for the payment of your fees. You can sign up for this service and receive notices when important filings and payments need to be made.

    Let WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com help you trademark any combination of your favorite words, pictures, colors, sounds and even smells!

    Once you determine that you are ready to go forward with a trademark application, we will prepare and file the application. All you have to do is complete our questionnaire and send us a scan of your trademark if it is a design and scans of your proofs that it is being used in commerce. You also sign the finished application. The Patent and Trademark Office has filing fees as well (i.e. $225-375/per class). This is an outside cost, which is in addition to our services.

    WWW.PrecisionTrademarks.Com is a web site where qualified people work to help clients with their Intellectual Property concerns.

    We can be contacted at precisiontrademarks ( @ ) gmail dot com and (407) 416-7203.

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