White House Petition Reintroduces the Rockefeller Initiative to the Media

Top Quote In 1993 a billionaire member of one of the most famous families in the world approached the administration of his friend the President with an aim to change history. It was the Rockefeller Initiative and the American press didn't think it was news. They may change their mind. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 14, 2012 - Washington, DC -- A petition regarding an important historical event is currently gathering signatures on the White House website's We the People project. If the petition acquires 25,000 signatures by March 24 it will receive a formal response from the Obama administration.

    Disclosure Petition II was submitted by Paradigm Research Group in order to draw attention to the Rockefeller Initiative (1993-1996), and is backed up by a thousand pages of documents obtained from the Clinton Office of Science and Technology Policy and Presidential Library by Canadian researcher Grant Cameron. It follows an earlier petition submitted on September 22, 2011 that received a formal White House response on November 11, 2011.

    On March 29, 1993 Clinton's science advisor and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy received a memorandum from Henry Diamond, attorney for Laurance S. Rockefeller. It contained the following request:

    "Laurance S. Rockefeller, who is a leading U.S. conservationist, businessman, and philanthropist, is anxious to have a brief meeting with Dr. Gibbons to discuss the potential availability of government information about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life.........Mr. Rockefeller, with other leading citizens, is planning to make an approach to President Clinton on this subject."

    ".......The basic message to the President is that there is a belief in many quarters that the government has long held classified information regarding UFOs which has not been released and that the failure to do so has brought about unnecessary suspicion and distrust. Many believe that the release of such information, if it exists, on a basis with national security considerations, would be a significant gesture which would increase confidence in government."

    Thus began an historical initiative which American media reporters, editors and producers have ignored for nineteen years. The scores of public servants who knew about this initiative and have never spoken publicly about it include a president and three persons who ran to be president, two nearly succeeding. They include a secretary of defense, secretary of energy, secretary of state, two White House chiefs of staff, a vice president and a CIA director.

    The Rockefeller initiative was comprehensive and lasted two and a half years. A dozen researchers met at Rockefeller's ranch in Wyoming to plan strategy. In August of 1995 the Clintons met privately with Rockefeller at his ranch in Wyoming to discuss the issues behind the Initiative.

    Two months after that meeting, in a letter dated November 1, 1995, Laurance Rockefeller's attorney Henry Diamond wrote to Dr. John Gibbons regarding Rockfeller's proposed letter to President Clinton:

    "Attached are: (1) A draft letter to the President which Laurance has been discussing with Mrs. Clinton and her staff; and, (2) A draft report on the "best evidence" about UFOs."

    "Laurance thinks that it is perhaps timely to send a letter to the President. We think the "best evidence" report.....is a good piece of work."

    Three months later Laurance Rockefeller personally wrote to Dr. Gibbons in a letter dated February 5, 1996. This letter included this remarkable paragraph:

    "Your willingness to approach the Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency and NASA on this project is extremely important. We will await the results of this effort in order to add any significant findings to our proposed letter to the President. We will, of course, take into account the comments you made on the draft. It well may be that it will be timely to put this before the President late this year in order that it might receive attention in a second term. You indicated that you will keep the First Lady's Office informed, and we shall as well."

    These excerpts are notable for several reasons. (1) they confirm that Hillary Clinton and her staff were directly involved with the Rockefeller Initiative, (2) Dr. John Gibbons was taking actions on behalf of the Initiative, and (3) Rockefeller intended to continue the Initiative into the President's second term.

    Hillary Clinton went on to run for president and now serves as Secretary of State. She has never spoken publicly about the Rockefeller Initiative, and there is no known instance in which any media have questioned her about her involvement in the Initiative during the nineteen years since it was launched.

    No copy of a final version of the draft letter to the President has been uncovered, but it is very likely he saw the draft at some time prior to October of 1996. The draft letter contains these significant excerpts:

    "Your initiative in bringing greater openness to government through the current review of the classification of government documents to eliminate unnecessary secrecy [a project assigned to John Podesta], offers a very significant opportunity to advance our knowledge of this question. This letter is to request that, as part of this reassessment, you personally and specifically direct a review of current government information policy concerning Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), including Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's)."

    "The current classification review is a good step. However, Mr. President, from past experience there is reason to believe that if there is information being held by federal agencies about ETI and UFOs, it will not be released in a meaningful way without your personal initiative. This to urge you to expand and accelerate the important movement towards openness you have initiated."

    Twenty-one months after Clinton left office, John Podesta, the former key aide and Chief of Staff to President Clinton walked into the National Press Club on October 22, 2002 and stated the following:

    "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It's time to find out what the truth really is that's out there. We ought to do it because it's right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it's the law."

    One year later he returned to the National Press Club and restated these requests:

    "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon."

    Thirteen days after making these remarks in 2003 John Podesta launched the most influential progressive/liberal think tank in the nation, the Center for American Progress. Later he would become co-chairman of President Elect Obama's transition team and help pick the new administration.

    John Podesta has never spoken publicly about the Rockefeller Initiative, and there is no known instance in which any media have questioned him about his involvement in the Initiative.

    Seven months after Podesta's 2003 statement a book was published titled The Roswell Dig Diaries. Former Congressman and Secretary of Energy under Clinton, Bill Richardson, wrote in the foreword to this book:

    "......the mystery surrounding this crash [at Roswell] has never been adequately explained - not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government."

    "It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows. With full disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to find out what happened on that fateful day in July of 1947. The American people can handle the truth no matter how bizarre or mundane, and contrary to what you see in the movies."

    This statement is remarkable since the Air Force supposedly has stated exactly what happened at Roswell in July of 1947 - a Mogul Balloon and crash test dummies dropped five years later.

    Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico at the time, went on to run for president and was tapped to be Obama's Secretary of Commerce. He was well aware of the Rockefeller Initiative and has never spoken publicly about the Initiative or been questioned on it by the media.

    Leon Panetta was the Chief of Staff to President Clinton while the Rockefeller Initiative was underway from March of 1993 to the Fall of 1996 He was fully aware of the Initiative and has also never spoken publicly about it or been questioned by the media. Mr. Panetta is now the Secretary of Defense having just served as the Director of the CIA.

    During the Rockefeller Initiative, from late 1994 to March of 1996, First Lady Hillary Clinton engaged in role playing with her friend Jean Houston conducting "conversations" with Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghandi. When the press learned of this from a 1996 book by Bob Woodward, The Choice, it became a global news story.

    Had the Rockefeller Initiative succeeded, Mrs. Clinton's husband would have likely been the first head of state to acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence and end the truth embargo - the most profound event in human history.

    Apparently a billionaire member of one of the most famous families in the world trying to convince her husband to end the truth embargo surrounding the ET/UFO phenomena was not a news story. Or perhaps the media didn't know about it.

    Now the Rockefeller Initiative, and the links to the documents which confirm it, sit on the White House's website for all to see. Paraphrasing the frustrated child in the back seat of a car on a long trip........Is it news yet?

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