What is Life trying to tell me? Discover Answers with the Launch of Print and E-books For Creating the Life You Want

Top Quote Find out how to create a life of well-being; how to live life in the moment; live life with balance; find fulfillment in life and evolve into a happier more joyful existence despite living amidst life's chaos and confusion, and not wasted in regret any longer. Also, find out how to transform life from the typical humdrum lifestyle to a lifestyle with zest, purpose and meaning in life. End Quote
  • Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV (1888PressRelease) September 23, 2014 - From well-being lifestyle expert, there are moments in your life, that you will never forget, in which you became aware of "Why am I living a life I do not want? How did this life happen? How did I get here?" Have you ever stopped to give mindful thought to a moment such as this, or contemplate the source, or question why you don't feel happy or content with your life? Your thoughts and emotions came from within you, didn't it? Your thoughts and emotions came from your "Window of Within."

    You are aware of the discontentment with your life that you feel inside yourself and your soul. Well, you are interested in discovering how to live a mindful enjoyable life. These books will provide mind-provoking thoughts on what becomes a journey of self-discovery as to why your life is currently the way it is and a new way to navigate life, through enlightenment. An enlightenment that provokes thoughts of how life really is and how to live life differently, while giving you unique ways of thinking about your life. Once aware of these things, you will begin to understand prolifically the causes of why your life is the way it is and what life well-being changes are necessary to enjoy your life the way life is meant to be. These books provide life lessons that are worth the time to reflect on a letting go from the typical treadmill mindset that holds you back from living the life you want to live, and to ultimately lead you to a new mindset of enlightenment to real living from the speaking of the self of your "Window of Within."

    You need strategies and the how to, to help keep your life balanced and centered. There's where the books "What is Life trying to tell me?", "Window of Within", "A thousand miles of Paradise", "Unearthed" and "Unconventional Wisdom" comes in. These books provide an introspection of the "Window of Within" you, with powerful ideas of enlightenment about how to approach life differently to get out of the mere survival treadmill mode to a life you want to live.

    To begin changing your life, the books emphasize a detachment from life chaos, slowing down to take a look at how life… speaks. The books focus on well-being, spirituality, living a lifestyle of happiness and relationships. These books' pages guide and inspire, needed in today's world of chaotic living in the crazy world around us. Many of us have experiences and wonder, "what is life really speaking?" The pages of these books are words to live by, to change your life in ways of realizing what really matters.

    The books are available in print and e-books. "Window of Within" and "A thousand miles of Paradise" are complete editions and also available as e-book series which focus on Life, Love, Spirituality or Nature. There is more to who you are than what you currently know. These books strive to improve your life, because, as we all know, one of the best ways to feel better about life is through a good book.

    The books' author Nicole Anderson and well-being lifestyle expert guides readers on a personal quest in fully celebrating each moment in life. These books draw on the author's experiences and quest from a life of disillusionment to gratification and towards a life of more happiness and a detachment from those distractions that lead to a chaotic lifestyle. Whether in search of happiness, joy or a more purposeful existence, or a reduction in stressful lifestyles, the books "What is Life trying to tell me?", "Window of Within", "A thousand miles of Paradise", "Unearthed", and "Unconventional Wisdom" takes each reader on a personal journey helping readers to realize and reach their mental, well-being, spiritual and life aspirations.

    Each book is a perfect "anytime" gift, to yourself, a loved one, and others that are journeying the spirit and as a keepsake. Give these books as gifts as well as a beautiful book of art. Let it rest beside your favorite reading chair or your bedside.

    Grab a cup of tea or coffee; begin a mindful journey finding your true life and self by introspection. See life through new eyes. Each page has something to share with you, in quiet revelation in the midst of a busy day. Listen to the whispers from each page, as your truth is known. Find comfort and encouragement. Each book gives you life lessons to reflect on to make different life choices. Invest in yourself, find your "Window of Within", "A thousand miles of Paradise" and "Unearth" the love you are looking for.

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