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Top Quote Kritievets is a popular event management company. Now they are stepping into a new world of wedding planner to make your wedding more special and one of a kind. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 02, 2019 - Kritievents is proudly introducing a new segment and that is wedding planning. Kritievents is an event organizer in Kolkata. They are in this particular sector for many years. Now they are adding another feather to their cap and that is the wedding planner.

    A wedding is an occasion of a lifetime. It is kind of the most important day in a person’s life. So many memories can be produced by a wedding ceremony. But there is a problem. Sometimes people lose their control while planning for their wedding. That’s when they need a guide. A guide who can take care of every detail you want for your ceremony. A guide who does not let you feel stressed out.

    Kritievents has a huge group of professionals for different segments of a wedding ceremony. They always keep in mind your budget and your need. Your wedding must reflect your style. They also take care of that. So, they are here to plan the biggest party of your life.

    The first thing that makes them unique is their planning process.

    They will fix an appointment with you first and then they will discuss every detail that you want to include in your wedding. Somehow they said that budget will be not a factor for them. It’s your wedding and you are the first priority.

    Selecting the venue:
    The top most important and expensive thing at a wedding is the venue. They are acclaiming that they will always try to provide the most beautiful wedding hall as you prefer. Keep in mind about the budget, ultimately they will provide the same and exact thing that you want.

    From start to end:
    Kritievents has already proved its ability as an event organizer in Kolkata. Now it’s time for the next. Every detail is important and planning an Indian wedding ceremony is not an easy job. There are so many rituals and traditions that everybody needs to follow. But they said they will take care of all the ceremonies from sangit to reception. You just need to sit back and relax and enjoy your wedding day. After all, it’s your day so your happiness i9s important.

    Some tips to plan the perfect wedding by kritievents:
    1. Do your décor according to the weather. If it is raining then you need some different setup for that. If it is clear then the setup will different. But whatever theme you choose for your wedding, you have to keep a backup always.

    2. The first thing you need to do before starting any other plan is to create the guest list. Remember, your entire budget is depending upon the list only. Adjust your budget according to your guest list.

    3. The era of fairy lights is gone. This is the time of festoon lighting (looking like a lantern hanging from the ropes). It will add some extra glow to your wedding. Everything will look extravagant and exclusive.

    4. Choose a theme that must be a unique one like you. People will set an example of your wedding you include something unique. You do not need to break a mountain for that. Just ask your wedding planner to do so according to your taste. They will take care of that.

    5. Only the décor has not to be unique, your look too. But keep one thing in your mind that the look of the bride and groom’s should be coordinating. Otherwise, a simple mistake can ruin the look of your entire wedding.

    6. Color coordination is very important. Do not make confuse yourself. Include your outfit color to your wedding décor or your wedding décor color to your outfit. As per kritievents, go for rich and dark color if your wedding ceremony is happening at night. This will make a contrast with the outdoor color. If you are having your wedding ceremony in the daytime then goes for pastels and nude colors.

    7. Last but not least, it’s about having fun with your partner and your closed ones. Do not just make it flashy. Just try to keep it simple so that you can have more fun and make the most beautiful memories together.

    Wedding planning is such a versatile industry now. According to kritievents who is one of the most popular event management companies in Kolkata, this particular industry have been changed a lot. There has some reason behind that. It will not cost the same as it was 10 years ago for the same wedding. So, you need to keep it in mind that while planning your wedding. Rather than that the entire method of planning a wedding is being changed. Like:

    • Most engaged couples are looking for a reliable and friendly planner now. They want to enjoy the best day of their life. So they will surrender the full responsibility to the wedding planner.

    • People are very much into pre-wedding photo-shoot now a day. Most of the couples want to celebrate their togetherness. So the responsibility of a planner is being started from pre-wedding photo-shoot.

    • Only 17% of brides were thinking about the theme 10 years ago. Now everybody wants a unique theme for their wedding to make it extra special. Here comes the job of a planner.

    • Previously the wedding attire did not matter at all. Grooms were used to dressing like what they want and the same for the brides. But now color coordination is a trend. Because the look book of your wedding should be attractive and beautiful as well.

    About the best event management company in Kolkata
    Kritievents is an event management company based in Kolkata. The company has already established them in the event management industry throughout India. Now they are stepping into a new world of a wedding planner. They have already gained tremendous popularity in outdoor marketing as well. They can establish themselves as a successful wedding planner.

    To know more about Kriti events visit the page: http://www.kritievents.com

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