Waterdamage.co.uk Launches A Water And Flood Restoration Service To London Residents

Top Quote Property owners know that sinking feeling when their home or business is affected by burst pipes or flood damage. Now waterdamage.co.uk is a premier service dedicated to restoring and cleaning property affected by water. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 23, 2010 - All property owners know that sinking feeling when their home or business is affected by burst pipes or flood damage. Now waterdamage.co.uk is a premier service dedicated to restoring and cleaning property affected by water.

    Water Damage Preventative Measures

    It's easy to be wise after the event but if you are concerned you are at risk what can you do?

    Has your property been affected or shown signs of the following?

    * Water pressure dropping
    * Rising damp
    * Sunken paving outside your property
    * Defective Internal finishes
    * Sagging ceilings

    If you are worried about any of the above then a quick, no nonsense, call will give you peace of mind by a quick chat with a specialist water damage expert.

    Water Damage Insurance Claims

    Claims for damage to property by water are rising. Waterdamage.co.uk offer help at the most stressful of times. They have a systematic process for handling insurance claim repairs. The company has an impressive track record in making good homes ruined by water. Insurance companies work closely with Waterdamage to make the renovations in as quick a time as possible. One of the keys to making a claim is making accurate estimates for building materials' and labour. This is where the company scores highly after years of experience.

    Quick Water Removal

    The steps you take in the first 24 hours of a water damage incident will dictate the success of the renovation and repairs. Remember there will be an extra hazard in your property as water can seep into electrical points and cables. Waterdamage.co.uk will secure your property and get to work with powerful submersible pumps. The company also uses a mixture of thermal and freeze-based quick-drying methods to preserve your home.

    Basement Drying Service

    Waterdamage experts have built a reputation within the industry due to its very own drying process. The company also offers a free basement drying assessment and after completion offer re-waterproofing, re-modeling, mould prevention, and finishing.

    Cleaning Flood Damaged Carpets

    Everything depends on the source of the water. Clean water is one thing but if sewage is involved you are faced with the choice of destroying the carpet or using the expertise of Waterdamage teams. The initial cleaning can be followed up with other services like deodorization and disinfecting, re-stretching or repair of wet carpets, as well as fabric protection and waterproofing to prevent future damage.

    Structural Drying

    Did you know that water could seep into a building up to 20 centimeters in less than a day? Water can pool in various hidden parts of your property like the bottom sill plates of doors. A property or business owner will need the guidance of professional teams and these advanced flood damage recovery methods to avoid long term health-hazards such and musty odours. (http://waterdamage.co.uk/structural-drying)

    Remedial Works

    It's quite common for a ceiling to collapse on a flat due to the upstairs neighbour letting their bath overflow. Waterdamage.co.uk offers expert teams that will make remedial works in a fast and safe manner.

    London Property Restoration

    Waterdamage.co.uk covers the whole of London and the surrounding areas. The company offers a quick response with most prospective customers seen and assessed within 24 hours. Waterdamage experts will make an action plan based on the source of the water problem: broken water pipes or sewage pipes, dishwasher or washing machine leakage, heavy rain or flood. Within just 48 hours possessions are unlikely to be recoverable as mould takes hold and once it does it is almost impossible to cure. Water damage victims are advised to act as quickly as possible.

    London Weather Climate and Building Damage

    London receives an average annual rainfall of 585 millimeters that's 23 inches and unfortunately not all properties are adequately build to withstand and preserve the house contents. In particular properties with flat roofs will suffer and very quickly deteriorate. Sky lights may have been put in my a less than capable builder and it only takes a tiny gap to start water seeping in and damaging your property. If in any doubt a home or business owner should call in an expert like waterdamage.co.uk to check all the details of their property.

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