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  • Sean Fell
  • URL: http://www.waterboyz.com
  • Waterboyz is a surf and skate retail business located in Pensacola, FL. Shop us online at www.waterboyz.com for a full list of our products, events, promotions, training, clinics, and other resources!
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  • New 9.3 Foot Kai Mana Paddleboard Now Available At Waterboyz Retail Location And At Their Online Retail Site
  • For all practical purposes, the new 9.3 foot Kai Mana Paddleboard is the ultimate flatboard for stand-up paddlers who want to paddleboard or use it as a longboard. If you love water sports and are looking for a great way to have fun and get a good full-body workout at the same time, any of these paddleboards will provide you with the opportunity to do so.
  • One of the more popular forms of water sports and recreation is paddleboarding or long-boarding and the WaterBoyz features numerous products in this i ...
  • July 09, 2010
  • WaterBoyz Now Featuring Kai Mana Paddleboards In A Variety Of Sizes For Stand-Up Paddleboarding Fun
  • For those of you who aren't aware of it, paddleboarding is considered to be the hip thing to do when you spend time at the beach and want to enjoy the water. The WaterBoyz has featured a number of paddleboard products at their Pensacola, Florida land-based location as well as at their website - http://www.waterboyz.com.
  • They are the industry leader in clothing and accessories relative to the skateboarding and surfing segment. Now they have added a quality paddleboard ...
  • July 03, 2010