Virtualization Infrastructures Still Require Maintenance for Peak Performance

Top Quote Because virtualization centers information on one physical machine it eliminates the costs associated with running those multiple servers and with everything on a single machine virtualization can actually maximize its storage capacity. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 09, 2011 - While every advancement in technology is intended to represent an improvement in the way things have been done that doesn't mean this progress comes without issues. How far this technology takes us and the advantages we are able to achieve because of it will always depend on how well we address these potential problems. This is particularly true in the world of business as these technological advancements continue to define how companies run their daily operations.

    As it is, the advancement of virtualization offers companies a more efficient and productive method to manage their information. Gone are the days of the multi server environment in which companies dedicated significant resources just to maintain the health of their operating systems and applications. What virtualization has offered in return is a platform that is capable of eliminating the costs associated with that multi server environment while promoting innovation and development to further advance a company.

    This is possible because with virtualization a company places all of their information, like operating systems and applications, on a single physical machine and all of this information can be accessed through different virtual computers. These virtual computers actually share the resources that are stored on the physical machine which has essentially made the multi server environment obsolete.

    Of course this is a welcome relief to companies who have been operating multiple servers to manage their information as they are well aware of the issues associated with such an environment. Those issues include the incredible cost of just keeping those servers running, the considerable amount of time spent by IT admins carrying out basic tasks like updates, recovery, archiving, and backups, as well as the waste of storage capacity associated with placing a single operating system or application on each server- this underutilization equates to wasted dollars spent on purchasing and powering these servers.

    Virtualization has an answer for each of those issues. With all of the information on a single physical machine IT admins can quickly carry out the basic tasks, becoming more efficient with their time and affording them the opportunity to concentrate on innovation and development. Because virtualization centers information on one physical machine it eliminates the costs associated with running those multiple servers and with everything on a single machine virtualization can actually maximize its storage capacity.

    These advantages are attracting more and more companies to virtualization platforms, recognizing that the efficiency and productivity that they afford are essential in this particularly difficult financial climate. It can't be forgotten that virtualization is an advancement in technology and as such it too comes with issues. These issues include I/O bandwidth bottlenecks due to accelerated fragmentation on virtual platforms, virtual machine competition for shared I/O resources not effectively being prioritized across the platform, and virtual disks set to dynamically grow do not resize when data is deleted, resulting in free space being wasted.

    These can become serious problems for the virtualization infrastructure and if they are ignored they can eliminate any of the benefits that the technology was intended to provide. This is why it is imperative that companies pay close attention to their health and fortunately this can be a simple process, installing virtualization software.

    Virtualization software is the most effective tool to protect a virtualization infrastructure from those issues described and V-locity, designed by Diskeeper Corporation, is the most valuable virtualization software available. With V-locity a company can eliminate the bottleneck issue by creating a faster and more efficient computing platform for new consolidation and provisioning initiatives without the need to add additional hardware, eliminate competition for shared I/O resources by coordinating resource usage, and solve the virtual disk "bloat" problem by compacting the virtual disk, thereby preventing waste and allowing IT managers to better allocate their virtual storage resources.

    Knowing that the days of the multi server environment are now behind them companies are quickly adopting virtualization for the management of their information. To ensure that their virtualization platforms are operating at their peak level these companies should always install virtualization software to get the most from their technology.

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