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Top Quote Within just four years, has established itself as one of the leading outsourcing service providers in India. Boasting a database of some of the most qualified professionals in fields as diverse as medicine, law, finance, IT and content writing, VE is in a powerful position to offer to the world the best affordable Indian virtual employee. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 19, 2011 - If India has established itself as an outsourcing giant in the world today, has slowly but surely emerged as the leading outsourcing service provider in the entire NCR region in North India. Outsourcing with Virtual Employee can actually be compared to a windfall of sorts. A bonanza of goodies awaits the company who decides to offshore outsource its non-essential business tasks to Virtual Let's see what these are.

    1. When a company based in the UK or US decides to offshore and outsource its non-core business processes to Virtual, it doesn't stop at merely outsourcing. The organization actually sets up its own remote staffing office, 'hires' its own remote employees, who work exclusively for that company and no one else. In other words, goodbye freelancer, hello virtual employee!

    2. Indians have been excelling globally in technical and non-technical fields, making them highly in demand by top MNCs as well as SMES all over the developing world. A Virtual Employee is exactly that - efficient, extremely skilled in his or her field of expertise and dependable. But that's not the best part. A Virtual Employee is eminently affordable as well. The same employee would have cost three to eight times as much in the US or the UK. It is precisely for this reason that a Virtual Employee is for every season - recession or no recession!

    3. is tailor-made to meet the demands of any and every kind of office work that can be easily outsourced from a PC. It has a database of potential candidates that are experts in varied fields such as software programming and developing, law, medicine, making it possible to outsource just about any kind of office work. So a virtual employee can be an developer or designer or he could be a gifted content writer. Either way, a virtual employee will impact the client's business positively.

    4. When compared to a freelancer, a virtual employee stands head and shoulders above the latter in terms of professionalism and accountability. Since the office is as good as having your (the company's) own offshore remote office in India, the virtual employee, effectively, becomes 'your' employee as well. They will follow your instructions, will work closely with you and be accountable to you and to And that includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement as well to safeguard all your crucial and sensitive data. Can a freelancer ever match up to such professionalism?

    5. The geographical and time barriers notwithstanding, you can a virtual employee work for you for any work shift you so wish. You can either have them on the same working hours as yours, or arrange for overlapping shifts, or have completely contrasting work hours (this particularly suits the US clients who can wake up to have work delivered in their mail boxes during the night).

    6. The virtual employee has access to world-class infrastructure, the latest IT back-up and 24x7 support and all the modern gadgets and software required for easy, quick and effective communication with the client, sitting thousands of miles away. This includes fast lease line internet connections; telephone with a local number from your country; fax, scanner, printer, web cam, headsets, etc.

    7. Hiring a Virtual Employee is loaded with advantages. The ideal and cost-effective outsourcing solution for business organizations across the world, but particularly the SMEs.

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