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  • Established in 2000, Underground Hits started off as an Artist Management company representing musical artist, producers and songwriters throughout the United States. Underground Hits expanded in to music production, film scoring, music supervising, video production, video editing and reality film.

    As a multi-service company, Underground Hits offers services that include Album Production, Film Production, Wedding Production, Marketing & Promotion, Publicity, Sound Design, Film Documentary, Script Writing and many other services.
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  • Prince Dre The President Releases New Music “Go Ahead”
  • Prince Dre The President is a rap artist, known for his keen lyrics and rhythmic flow that will make you laugh at times while he is also bringing out the realities of life beyond the girls, cars and clothes that we normally hear from many rap artists.
  • Los Angeles, CA - Prince Dre The President is a rap artist, a record label owner and entertainer from Arkansas that has become known for his keen lyri ...
  • July 26, 2020
  • YFRS Creates the Perfect Marketing Scenario For Online Brands
  • Most brands live and die by email marketing, which for the most part builds extremely finite consumer relationship bonding. Acquiring 4,000+ users with-in the first 5 days of launching, “YFRS (Ya Favorite Rap Singer)” aka “Rap$inger” has innovated Fan Relationship Management (FRM) using Twilio (Programmable SMS Text) and Cashapp.
  • Los Angeles, CA - Rap$inger has taken the time to create what seems like his own social media platform of sorts, which closely resembles “YouTube" fun ...
  • July 09, 2020
  • Y.F.R.S. Releases His New Single "House Party"
  • The song is an Uptempo Urban Record and different from what you have heard from Y.F.R.S. in the past.
  • Los Angeles, CA - Born in Fillmore District on Webster Street in San Francisco, CA, raised in Sacramento aka Mackramento, CA, to sharpening his music ...
  • May 26, 2020