Two questions for President Obama's daughters on how to receive greatest health & financial benefits

Top Quote Part 2 #CancerMoonShotForOurChildren. Two questions for President Obama's daughters and for any children 12-18 years old on how to receive greatest health and financial benefits. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 20, 2016 - Dear President Obama and members of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force:
    An effective early cancer detection could be saving over 50% of lives but requires extraction of all valuable information from radiation. This is not an easy task as data is being generated too fast to analyze. An analogy is being tasked with receiving an envelope every 6 seconds containing data requiring 30 seconds to analyze the contents to find the valuable "pearl" data.

    When students were asked for a solution to the analogy, at first they answered: «It is impossible: either we trash four envelopes out of 5, or we spend only 6 seconds on each envelope with the risk in both cases to miss the "pearl"».

    Dear President Obama, thank you for launching the National Cancer Moonshot Task Force project. Besides asking your daughters Malia and Sasha if they have suggestions how to solve the envelope problem, could you please ask if they consider it essential for those who want to implement a project to end cancer to be asked for an estimate of the percentage of cancer death reduction they expect to attain, the cost to develop their project, where to find a link to support their claims, and for those claiming highest potential to reduce cancer deaths, do they believe the candidates should be able to question each other in a public debate in a style similar to the presidential debate before they receive taxpayer money?

    Or put a simpler way, to determine which method/project (a cure at late detection, immunotherapy, screening device, lifestyle change, etc.) will have the biggest impact on reducing the current 8.2 million cancer deaths, how would a 12 to 18-year-old answer this question: "Is there a higher chance to reduce the 8.2 million deaths/year by spending billions of dollars developing new drugs for late detection averaging ten years to develop, and because of cancer resistance to the drug after a few months and because they target just a few types of the thousands of types of cancers , the death rate is only reduced an average of 1% or less, OR spending $20 million to develop three units of the 3D-CBS invention, targeted to early detection effective on most types of cancer using the 3D-Flow OPRA breakthrough technology, taking 2 years to develop, which is hundreds of time more efficient than current Imaging devices, and when tested on 30,000 people per year is estimated to reduce cancer death by 33% in 6 years and over 50% in 10 years?"

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