TwitBridge Provides High Quality Twitter Proxy Through the Web Browser

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  • (1888PressRelease) November 25, 2012 - TwitBridge is a new service that is currently in beta, that allows you to utilize their web proxy service through your browser, in order to connect to Twitter. Because their proxies are formulated specifically to connect to Twitter, and not to other websites, they have been able to streamline the process and make it as simple as possible to connect to Twitter to a proxy. This is especially helpful to individuals that would like to access twitter in places where it has been blocked. Common places where you might find that Twitter is blocked include offices and work buildings, schools, cafés, government buildings, and really any location where accessing twitter would be considered a waste of resources, or a potential privacy or security threat. A few of the benefits that are provided by TwitBridge that you may not immediately take into account include;

    Allows For Access In Schools and Work

    The biggest benefit of the service provided by TwitBridge is the fact that it allows you to connect to Twitter, even in places where social networks like Twitter and Facebook, are commonly blocked by a firewall. Oftentimes, places of work and offices will block twitter, because their employees tend to waste a lot of time on the service. However, this can be detrimental to individuals that have a legitimate reason to use Twitter during their workday, and the use of a web proxy to get around the block can be an excellent way to continue to use twitter, and get around any of the blocks that have been put in place. Remember, you are using TwitBridge at your own risk. Schools also commonly block twitter. This is when a Twitter Proxy can come in handy. This is commonly seen in middle schools, high schools, and even in some colleges. This is often because it is seen as a waste of time, and can lead to other social problems within the school. TwitBridge allows you to get around almost any block, with new features and coming including SSL support, IP access, multiple domains, in a variety of other features.

    Operate Account Anonymously

    TwitBridge also allows you to operate your twitter account anonymously, without being tracked by the company. Are you releasing sensitive information, that could come back to get you in trouble through twitter? Utilizing a proxy allows you to do so anonymously, and also avoid any tracking. Remember, that TwitBridge is only to be used for legal purposes and should not be used for any illegal purpose. However, there are many reasons why someone would like to legally operate their twitter account anonymously.

    Overall Privacy

    Although the Internet age has changed in individuals expectations of privacy, there are still many out there who value their privacy, and would prefer to share information through their twitter account behind a proxy. The ability to remain anonymous is something that many people take for granted. The use of TwitBridge technology can allow you to maintain your privacy and remain anonymous while still using all of the great features that Twitter provides.

    TwitBridge is currently in beta and is working on expanding their features rapidly. For more details please visit

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