Trivedi Master Wellness to Host an International Wellness Retreat to Cultivate the Power of Consciousness & Optimize Human Potential

Top Quote The science-based wellness company Trivedi Master Wellness™ is organizing an international retreat on October 10-11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scientists, health professionals, spiritual seekers and many newcomers will be attending the retreat to learn more about the power of consciousness and its impact on our quality of life. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 02, 2015 - The internationally beloved wellness company Trivedi Master Wellness™ has decided to organize another Trivedi Retreat from October 10-11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the dates have been confirmed and they have opened a special "early bird" registration package, the venue has yet to be announced. Last year, the retreat was held at the renowned Alexis Park Resort. The conference hall was packed with attendees, with hundreds of other people participating in the retreat remotely through the online live broadcast and chatroom.

    These Trivedi Retreats have been a semi-annual occurrence and have been hosted in several major cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix and Las Vegas. People from over 40 different countries all over the world either participate in the retreat online or fly in just to attend this event so they can sit in the powerful presence of Transformational Leader and Spiritual Master Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and the Trivedi Masters™, Alice Branton and Dahryn Trivedi.

    Over the course of two days, Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Masters™ will share illuminating and prolific discourses on the power of consciousness and its dynamic influence on our quality of life. Mr. Trivedi says that in order to receive abundance and for an individual to enjoy or appreciate anything in life, it is first imperative that an individual raise their level of consciousness. By doing so, a person resonates at a closer frequency to Divine Consciousness and can then harness more of the Vital Force of the Universe. This Vital Force draws everything into a person's life so people may live happy lives filled with prosperity, financial abundance, deeper and loving relationships, good health, greater intelligence and intuition, mental clarity, emotional bliss, sexual enjoyment and a more positive perception about life.

    Scientifically, no phenomenon, technique, spiritual practice, healer or spiritual master has been able to demonstrate any measurable and significant impact on the existence and influence of consciousness within our material universe beyond or near the capabilities of The Trivedi Effect®. Mahendra Trivedi is the only public figure on this planet that, not only has proven the existence of consciousness through the profound capabilities of The Trivedi Effect® with science, but has amassed over 4,000 independent scientific studies, replicating its impact with consistent and previously conceived "impossible" results. These studies have been performed in a multitude of different scientific fields (Agriculture, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical compounds, Animal Production and Cancer) and have resulted in many publications in scientific international peer-reviewed reputable journals. Even further, The Trivedi Effect® has been proven to impact everything on the atomic, molecular and cellular levels permanently, thus altering the character and behaviour of the recipient on a grander scale. (All Trivedi Science™ research and publications are found at The vast and comprehensive research has astonished scientists and compelled many more to seek further collaboration with Trivedi Science™ in hopes of better understanding the power of consciousness and the way the universe operates.

    During the Trivedi Retreat, participants will get to experience the profound impact on The Trivedi Effect® in their own lives through several powerful energy transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi, Alice Branton and Dahryn Trivedi and hear the stunning testimonials of many people who's lives have changed since receiving The Trivedi Effect®. Furthermore, in-person participants also have the opportunity for one-on-one energy transmission sessions with any one of the masters and discuss any individual concerns face to face.

    Trivedi Retreat:

    "The retreat surpassed everything as far as I am concerned. It was like being part of a high-energy wave, and this wave is still present at home, which, at this point in time, is more than two weeks after the event. During daytime, I am amazed at my high energy level. Another positive aspect that intensified after the LA retreat is that I feel inner-peace and calmness in situations where I used to feel uncomfortable (calm on the outside, tense inside). What bliss to experience the inner stress melt away and be able to enjoy just 'being.' There is no question in my mind that this is due to The Trivedi Effect®. I have lived long enough to test a variety of ways to obtain this inner-peace. Perhaps some relief, at times, but nothing near The Trivedi Effect®. It did, and does, the job-I am ever so grateful." -Anne L.

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