Trivedi Master Wellness Monthly Enhancement Program Rescheduled to May 7th, 2015

Top Quote Mahendra Kumar Trivedi will be travelling to India to further the scientific studies on The Trivedi Effect® by applying it to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. As a result, Trivedi Master Wellness™ has moved their popular Monthly Enhancement Program™ from May 21st to May 7th, 2015. End Quote
  • Binghamton, NY (1888PressRelease) May 01, 2015 - To further the scientific studies of The Trivedi Effect® in the fields of pharmaceutical drugs and neutraceutical supplements, such as anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, immunostimulants and probiotics, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and his wife, Trivedi Master™ Dahryn Trivedi, will be travelling to India from May 11th to May 27th, 2015 to meet with several U.S. FDA approved laboratories to coordinate and plan their future experiments. As a result, Trivedi Master Wellness™ has rescheduled their Monthly Enhancement Program™ from May 21st to May 7th, 2015. This is a temporary schedule change in the standard Monthly Enhancement Program™ schedule, which is typically held on the third Thursday of every month. The live-streaming, interactive webinar will still be accessible via online webinar for video and audio streaming or via Skype and phone for audio only at the regular allotted time (6:00PM PST/9:00PM EST) on May 7th, 2015.

    During this program, participants will hear insightful discourses from Transformational Leader Mahendra Trivedi and CEO of Trivedi Global Inc., Trivedi Master™ Alice Branton. They will answer questions live and people have the opportunity to share their experiences on phone or in the chatroom. Most importantly, participants get to experience the profound benefits of The Trivedi Effect®.

    Trivedi Master Wellness™ describes The Trivedi Effect® as a natural phenomenon that was discovered by Mahendra Trivedi and exists within our universe as an infinite source of intelligent energy. This energy is harnessed by Mahendra Trivedi (or a Trivedi Master™: Alice Branton, Gopal Nayak or Dahryn Trivedi) and has the ability to transform all living organisms and nonliving materials at the level of the atom and return them to their natural blueprint. For humans, The Trivedi Effect® enables them to reach their full potential and live healthy and happy lives.

    The universal energy behind The Trivedi Effect® has unlimited capacity to improve humans' happines. People who have expericenced The Trivedi Effect® through the Trivedi Master Wellness™ Programs ( are reporting spectacular shifts that range from financial abundance, improved relationships, greater physical intimacy and altered states of perception to decreases in severe health issues, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

    The Trivedi Effect® is based on extensive scientific research to study the limitations and full capabilities of this energy. Trivedi Science™ has partnered with major research institutes and universities around the world in successful field trials, and stringent, controlled laboratory conditions, resulting in more than 4,000 experiments to test, measure, and validate the miraculous properties of this energy and its unparalleled impact on living organisms and nonliving materials. Trivedi Science™ has many publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals in Materials Science,

    Biotechnology, Microbiology, Agriculture and Cancer, proving that The Trivedi Effect® is not a placebo effect. In fact, The Trivedi Effect® has permanently altered the structure, mass, size and energy within and between the atom: the tiniest known particle that composes everything in the universe. With this known fact, Trivedi Science™ concludes that the potential of The Trivedi Effect® is limitless and capable of potentizing the abilities, behavior and characteristics of everything. All research studies and publications are publicly available at:

    Trivedi Master Wellness™ says that The Trivedi Effect® is a whole-life, results-based solution. It requires no action, imposes no restrictions, and is permanent. Its benefits have been reported by thousands of people all around the world. Those receiving the Trivedi Effect® need do nothing but simply live their lives - only with heighted inspiration and motivation, rewarding relationships with their fellow humans, and the knowledge that their lives can only keep improving. These people have surpassed the ordinary bounds of human existence and are now functioning at their most potent and unlimited potential for greatness, wellbeing and happiness.

    The Monthly Enhancement Program™ is one of Trivedi Master Wellness™' widely popular entry-level wellness programs where people can receive an "Energy Transmission" once per month and experience the benefits of The Trivedi Effect® in their lives. Mr. Trivedi wanted a program in which people with limited ability to commit financially could still consistently experience The Trivedi Effect® in their lives at a minimal and affordable price. Since its introduction to clientele, hundreds of people have subscribed to the program and are experiencing phenomenal results. Trivedi Master Wellness™ makes all client testimonials available at:

    About Company:
    A new way of Transforming human life, Trivedi master wellness program created by the famous spiritual master known as Mahendra Trivedi, he has the unique ability to transform energy to all living and non-living things. Mahendra Trivedi created a wellness program for serving mankind. And that transformation is well known by The Trivedi Effect. It is a living, intelligent as well as conscious energy that once activated and deployed in the life of a person, it connects directly to the Universal Intelligence and begins to fulfill all their needs and wishes.

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