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  • Tripped Media is a revolutionary online magazine for the young, fabulous, and too cute to call poor. In this day and age, one of the greatest hindrances to editorial accessibility is the fact that many articles simply do not cater to todays thriving youth. Tripped Media has set out to close this information gap by targeting recent college graduates, the twenty-five year olds who hate their jobs, and you.
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  • Tripped Media: A Digital Publication Moving to Reinvent the Editorial Industry
  • Tripped Media, a new online magazine, launches October 3, 2011 and seeks to redesign how individuals view the editorial industry. With a founding team from various backgrounds, Tripped Media merges the understanding of different economic classes together in order to bridge the cultural gap.
  • With the decline in job acquisitions by recent graduates and a need for a magazine truly designed for the millennial generation, Tripped Media seeks t ...
  • September 28, 2011