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  • Trea Day Management & Publicity for Major Independent Entertainment Group is a full service Project Management and Publicity firm specializing in media pitching and placement, exposure campaigns, event support, launches, public relations writing and relationship building. .. Our functions range from basic press/media kit development and business proposal writing to coordinating media events, image branding and event planning. .. Trea Day's team is comprised of the country's most zealous and resourceful public relations professionals, media coordinators and business managers. .. Trea Day Management & Publicity has served as the bridge between the country's most talented rising stars in multiple industries and mainstream media outlets. While these capabilities remain strong tools in Trea Day's arsenal of services, the thriving organization has evolved into a full service PR agency for professionals at all levels of their field. .. While Trea Davenport's clients and projects impact vast domestic and international markets, with Atlanta as its home base, Trea Day clients enjoy a touch of Southern hospitality with a universal appeal. .. The company's strong network of national entertainment, media, production, technology, hospitality, marketing, promotion, publishing and non profit partners, enable the Trea Day team to facilitate and execute a plethora of services for its diverse client roster. .. At Trea Day, we build a solid relationship with businesses or projects based on dedication and commitment. We take each project and create personalized, cost-effective solutions. Bottom line %u2013 we deliver effective solutions for a wide range of creative, printing and fulfillment needs.
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  • Bengals Baller Michael Johnson Brings Microsoft Basics To Selma
  • The NFL Cincinnati Bengals baller Michael Johnson went beyond his annual football and cheer camp and brought a Microsoft fundamentals course to students in Selma Alabama. Sponsored and facilitated through his MJ93 Fund organization, Micheal was able to teach students the Microsoft Office basics of Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • July 25, 2013