Toronto Voters Asking For Spending Cut Proposals From Candidates, Not Name Calling Debates, Clarke

Top Quote So called debates for our city Mayor or Councillors have been candidate discussion meetings boiled down to name calling, personal slander attacks and attempts of character assassination with no proposals for spending cuts and other cost savings. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 07, 2010 - To date these so called debates for our city Mayor or Councillors have been candidate discussion meetings that have boiled down to name calling, personal slander attacks and attempts of character assassination by candidates and the media.

    Such behavior is not in keeping with the beliefs of Canadian Christians, Jews, Islam's, Hindus, Buddhists and all believers throughout Toronto or Canada.

    And will not alter the opinion of a voter one bit once he or she enters the polling booth to cast a vote for the candidate of their choice.

    The tax paying public want to hear ideas and proposals for cost saving measures or spending cuts and solutions to the city's fiscal crisis not mud slinging at each other so they attempt to avoid answering how they will fix the city's cash flow problems.

    That is what Peter CLARKE is hearing from potential voters throughout North York and Toronto. Voters, want to see specific platforms outlined by candidates that clearly tell the voters how the candidates proposals will start fixing the fiscal crisis that incumbent councillors along with the outgoing mayor created by their outrageous spending over the past 10 to 20 years.

    Voters want to know from new candidates and incumbents seeking reelection what their positions on are such issues as these few and many more.

    What proposals do they have for solving the funding problems with the TTC and what future roll should council and the TTC have with managing the commuter needs of the GTA and how to get this unsustainable cost off the backs of taxpayers?

    Will candidates for council vote to rescind the one full year's salary and benefit severance package incumbent councillors gave themselves which will costs taxpayers $122,845.45 per councillor?

    Will these candidates vote to amend the city of Toronto act and the municipal elections act so that term limits of 8 years are imposed?

    Will incumbents and candidates vote to reduce councillors salaries and expenses by 25% over the next four year term of office which would save the taxpayers over 9 Million dollars?

    Will candidates vote to reduce the mileage benefit from .52 cents per km to a flat standard rate of .35 cents per km effective with the 2011 budget process as a condition of continuing employment with the city?

    Will candidates or the incumbent vote to reduce the size of council from 44 to 22 members at a savings of over $40 Million to taxpayers for the current four year term?

    Clearly the taxpaying public from the suburbs and within Toronto's city core are not seeking name calling debates or candidate and incumbent gatherings but detailed campaign platforms from those seeking their votes on October 25, 2010.

    Voters are demanding such information from both incumbents and new candidates seeking their vote, so they can carefully read the candidates ideas and proposals in the quite surroundings of their apartments, condos and homes prior to October 25, 2010.

    In this regard and for the voters in Willowdale ward 23 North York Toronto Peter CLARKE is asking that you go to his campaign web site @ and carefully read through his campaign mission page platform proposals.

    Then should you agree Peter asks for your donation in the form of your vote on October 25, 2010 so together we shall restore some common sense to our city council.

    Peter CLARKE strongly believes that "our city's problems will get worse unless we have new candidates that understand and acknowledge that to address our fiscal crisis we will have to decrease SPENDING by finding efficiencies, increasing user fees, cuts or elimination of certain programs."

    "Suggesting otherwise is a continued attempt to hoodwink the taxpayers of Toronto."

    "Toronto One City, Your Vote, Our Future Together, Begins on October 25, 2010 with your support throughout the North York Community."

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