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"We breathe Life into your Ideas & Dreams"
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David Lang
200 Celebration Pl,
Celebration, Florida, United State 34747
Phone: 213-973-2842
FAX: 863-424-5999
What Makes us Different?
Our marketing and advertising services are not meant for the masses. We pride ourselves on being the absolute incomparable best at what we do. We create a feeling, we inspire action, and we always believe in the individual.

Our curiosity spurs ideas infused into dynamic concepts. Our standard has created unsurpassed value in our brand. We breathe life into ideas & dreams. A larger vision must be cast, a strategy developed and deployed with faith thru confidence we create a feeling compelling the hearts & minds of the individual spirit Bypassing conventional competition to impact markets and exceed expectations. Because the one truth we know will always hold true is this; In every market, in all demographics and behind all the unique backgrounds making up this world we all have a binding desire. We all have the desire to become more, to dream bigger and the faith that everyday can and should be something more. We concede that influence with sex, body image, self gratification, misleading facts, repetition and market saturation will always be an effective form of advertising.
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No. of full-time employees: 4
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Empowering Creative Media Productions & Advertising
Tollie International Inc - Company Description
Demand Creation+ Realization

“The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence.” – Henry Ford

Tollie International Media Productions & Marketing was created as our flagship parent company. In order to meet and expand the opportunities available to not only Tollie, but also in the marketplace. Tollie International began as most companies, it started as a simple dream. Then it was cultivated into a vision, then as pen took to paper, it became real, Tollie International became a passion. There has become a shift in ALL medians of media, and sadly it is not for the positive. Advertising and Marketing firms target our children, students and young adults with negative illusions of body image. Multimedia has taken the place of pretend play outside, physical activity, and the ability for kids to just indulge their creativity and dream. President and Founder Tollie, has envisioned a world shaped by inspired and empowering medians of media in conjunction with live events.

Tollie International’s Philosophy is to develop and produce empowering inspired media and products for ALL people. Engage in Dynamic, DreamInfused Advertising and Marketing to create a feeling, provide hope, happiness, and joy with a playful dynamic. Always encourage, empower, and create opportunities to serve others in every aspect of our business. People First because ALL people matter! These values are a standard as we breathe life into all ideas, concepts, projects and brands. Negative advertising, demeaning media, have run their course. Tollie International Media Productions & Marketing cast a vision of inspiration to empower ALL to create their dreams. “The World is Ready to Dream Again…”
Key Clients
Tollie Schmidt, Brain Smart Research, Brain Smart SEO, Joyful Music & Dance, iDream Entertainment, reThink Branding
Tollie International Inc - Additional Information
Inspire change to empower through media & entertainment. To help cultivate a new standard in Marketing and Advertising by promoting a positive Dream-Infused alternative to negative image based multimedia campaigns. We Breathe Life Into Your Ideas & Dreams.
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