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Top Quote Weber is a Diamond Award winner on He now has a new award where he is considered to be among the top 20 writers in the world. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 18, 2012 - Freehold, NJ, -- Weber is a Diamond Award winner on with a new award where he is among the top 20 writers (out of 400,00 writers, world-wide). The "Talk Terry series of eight new eBooks are now available on both and for immediate download. Among these books are three books of short stories, a book about how to write for profit, a book about coping with life's problems, and his newest book about the U.S.Navy's brand new class of 55 shallow water LCS "peace-keeping" ships.

    When asked about his newest book: "Think Peace" author Weber said:

    "Why do I say world peace is possible with these new ships? Let me explain - in my words - not the Navy's words. I believe these 55 new 'peace' ships are a giant step in the right direction to get us to world peace.

    THINK PEACE! is a new eBook by T.L. Weber, about U.S. Navy's mission of peace in 21st Century. These new Navy LCS Class of ships can make world peace possible. Mission of USN is world wide peace and freedom of the seas.

    Everyone in the United States should think peace. Everyone knows the U.S. Navy's mission: freedom of the seas, can also be: peace in 21st Century. What's more, these newly designed shallow draft U.S. Navy Ships, the LCS Class (Littoral Combat Ships) can help in many ways to make world peace possible. In fact, a new mission for the U.S. Navy could be: World Wide Peace and Freedom Of The Seas. Why? Because they have three important and major benefits:

    "(1) These ships are designed as small, fast, shallow draft vessels (14') with the most modern instruments and technological anti-war equipment that makes them extremely versatile.

    "(2) In addition, their small crews (of about 40 sailors) include professionally qualified career Navy men and women who are all capable of running the ships. But, more important, these crews are the kind of people who can enthusiastically promote world peace and freedom of the seas to the people they meet in every seaport they visit around the world.

    "(3) These crews will change (rotate) every four months and new crews will go aboard to take charge and continue running the ships and at the same time continue to act as - volunteer USA ambassadors for peace - everywhere they go.

    Do the arithmetic: 120 crews of - volunteer ambassadors for peace - each year times the number of ships (3 at present - 55 planned). Eventually, when we approve the funding to build all 55 ships, the people of the United States would have over 6,000 - volunteer ambassadors for peace - actively promoting peace all over the world!"

    Weber also says, "My purpose in writing this book is to help spread the word to everyone about how we - as a nation - are building these ships to meet the urgent maritime needs of our times. I wrote this book about these new 21st Century Navy - peace keeping - ships, the LCS Class for two reasons.

    First, to help everyone have a clear understanding of what the Navy is doing to both maintain and promote peace and freedom of the seas. In Navy parlance LCS stands for: Littoral Combat Ships. Littoral means: shallow water. We can interpret the word "combat" to mean combating war-like terrorism, pirating, and drug running everywhere.

    Second, the author says he wrote this because he has a soft spot in his heart for the Navy. He gave the Navy three years of his life before he was 21. Now he says, "After all of these years I still have the Navy in my blood in many ways." The U.S. Navy has taken a new giant step toward world peace with these new LCS ships. They are designed to go where Navy ships have never gone before. They can be easily adapted to succeed in a wide variety of both wartime and peacetime situations. They can demonstrate, in all seaports of the world, the ability of the United States to successfully promote and carry out compassionate and protective missions designed to prevent wars - everywhere. In addition they have become a formidable force with the ability to curtail and prevent drug running and pirating on the high seas everywhere.

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