The World Financial Honey Moon is Over: Debt Crisis Continues to Wage War on Economic Policy

Top Quote The Global Economic Crisis lingers on due to short term debt policies. End Quote
  • San Diego, CA (1888PressRelease) January 12, 2012 - According to Dr. Mehenou Satu Amouzou the recent world financial crisis has been and continues to be the consequence of the implementation of failed economic and financial policies during these past 10 years. Most governments have failed to take action to re-address the issues but instead the invisible hand manipulates the economies based on the different countries' Stocks and Exchanges; where the countries' performances were assessed and based.

    Most governments have continued to follow the same policy of printing more money to pay their outstanding debts, debts services and just a few percentage less than 10% is invested in this practices. The accumulated debt is creating an economic bomb explosion, where the economic growths of the countries are completely insignificant to absorb the cost of the money printing and its uses. Thus stagflation of the country is imminent.

    The continuation of the financial crisis' request for immediate attention has forced different leaders around the world to step in with propositions which are at this moment considered a band aid or cosmetic economic policy solution to face this financial crisis. Essentially, the policies the world's leaders propose are short term supply shocks for long term economic issues.

    The European Financial Crisis constitutes a bomb programming to be exploded slowly, it has already started and none of these countries are safe. Some are worse than others but it is just a matter of timing until they are all affected. The Greece proposition is just a band aid and it will not help Greece to get out from it crisis. It will require several hundred billions of Euros that the European Communities through their Central bank will have a difficulty to commit, because Greece is not the only country that was affected by the financial crisis but most of the European countries were affected as well.

    Italy is changing to a new government to accept the IMF propositions in exchange for a few billion Euros, which will not solve the problems of Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, England, France or Germany and any other European country with a weaker economic infrastructure. Printing new money to finance existing debt will be a fiasco. The only tangible solution is to cut the outstanding debt in half, this means to forgive 50% of the country's current debt in exchange and conditioned upon drafting new policies to promote investing in more productive industries, creating jobs and committing to sustaining economic growth at yearly average which falls between 3% and 5% annually with progressive growth of 0.5% to be added each year.

    The lesson to learn from this Financial Crisis is not to continue to print money to finance our deficit or to print money based on available resources. At least regarding the printing of money to finance our debts we know from experience the result of it will be damaging. So it is very absurd to continue with this philosophy which has broken several countries. Some people think that it is the real estate market that created this financial trouble in the world market! According to Dr. Mehenou Amouzou, the real estate market is part of the problem but the real problem is the consequences and fall out of the different government's badly managed economic policies which have been blindly followed for several years ignoring several economic factors and indicators: Investment, economic growth, jobs creation.

    Dr. Mehenou Amouzou believes we will need a real economic reform platform and not to use the same people who allowed the problem to grow and persist. Using the same people will only bring about the same result mainly because they have proven the inability to institute forward thinking economic policies that support the world's technological advances, population growth and global participation by all countries large and small. However, they could be advisors to the committees to help guide the committees from making the same mistakes and further prohibiting economic stability.

    Dr. Amouzou received his Master in Business, from the European Advanced Institute of Management, also a Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris, France. He completed his Post Graduation work in Political Strategy, International Relation and Defense Strategies and earned his Ph.D. in International Finance.

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