The Planet--Amina Harrison announces the release of her new-fangled sy-fy novel on sale on

Top Quote After taking a leap into the genre of writing known as science fiction, the author Amina Harrison has written two novels entitled; VOYAGERS also STAR MEN. Recently, the author Ms. Harrison, has written another new-fangled novel, with the identical characters in her last two novels, THE PLANET--about a space shuttle, which lands on an unfamiliar planet, which has a populace of mostly women. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) April 08, 2012 - During the 1950's, the writing catagory known as sci-fi or science fiction had at one time been known as the new wave of storytelling. The genre of fiction, usually is about the invented, coupled with non-supernatural, almost most sci-fi novels, short stories, in addition to movies based around the genre, has contents such as future settings, fururistic science also technology, space travel, with aliens who may have paranormal abilities.

    Although the genre known as science fiction, is typically based on writing rationally regarding to alternative potential worlds or future; sci-fi differs somewhat from fantasy--however the genre can be almost similiar. Additionally, for most authors who want to compose in the genre, science fiction has various fictional elements. Most sy-fy novels,ahort stories also movies has at time setting ordinarily in the future, spatial setting, i.e. outer space, space flight, too the main characters are generally aliens, mutants, androids, the technology--ray guns, human like computers, scientific principles, which can be contradictory to the laws of nature,such as time trael, being more rapidly than light travel. A well known writer had once stated, in regards to science fiction; "the fantasy is the impossible made probably. The science fiction is the improbable made possible."

    Indeed it is, as well science fiction has ways of understanding the world through speculation also storytelling with antecedents reaching as far back to mythology, along the sequences of the story or movie based on science fiction. Later, when after her writing has progressed, Ms. Amina Harrison will begin to compose, basing at least three of her novels on the genre known as sci-fiction.

    "I was at one time hinted to, about writing in the genre of science fiction, then later I would give my revered writing endeavor, to write novels centered around the bases to write sy-fy novels, such as futuristic settings, aliens and the like. Ms. Amina Harrison's new sy-fy novel entitled; THE PLANET, which the author deems as her third novel which had seemed to flow froom her psyche, to the author's keyboard then next, each segment written until the novle is finally completed. THE PLANET--Ms. Amina Harrison's novel is about when a well-known space program, sends out an innovatice space vessel--the space ship will venture far out into outer space, until it lands on an unusual planet, which is totally inhabitated by a majority of women. THE PLANET--proceeds after Ms. Harrison's past sy-fy novels, VOYAGERS and STAR MEN, generally because of the matching characters which are depicted in THE PLANET.

    THE PLANET--on sale before long, on in paperback; $13.00.

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