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  • Vickie Pittard
  • 17 Shannon Drive
  • Phone: 540-772-1724
  • URL:
  • The Micro-Niche Method helps financial and professional services firms achieve growth and increased profitability by showing them how to stop being a commodity and become a micro-niche based firm built around the expertise of key partners. The Micro-Niche method is the pathway to premium pricing and increased profitability for today's professionals.
The Micro-niche Method Press Release -

  • Webinar Leader Asks CPAs, "Are You Tired of Being a Commodity Yet?"
  • Many accountants spend far too much time attending cattle-call networking events and writing proposals for RPs. This happens only to CPAs who allow themselves to become commodities. Six questions tell them if they are commodities. 27 minutes can teach them what to do to change their situation.
  • Google "accountants" or "CPAs" in any city in the nation and you will obtain a list of accounting firms. Click on each and note the services provided ...
  • July 07, 2011