The Link Between Positive Music and Healing Revealed by Joe Vitale's Healing Music

Top Quote Joe Vitale, self-help singer-songwriter and author of more than 30 self-help books, found a direct link between music and his desire to enhance his creativity. With what he has learned, he has recorded four CDs of music that inspire creativity, calm stress and heal the human body. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 11, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA: There is no denying that Joe Vitale loves the blues! Inspired by the rhythms and melodies that flow from the music, Vitale has researched scientific, historical and factual medical data to uncover how music affects the body. The result of his studies brings a catalog of music recorded over 18 months and offers four featured CD's that do more than get feet tapping. The positive, stimulating and even healing music Vitale has recorded proves now, more than ever, that music can have extreme positive effects on the human body.

    Modern medical research backs up ancient script that has written of the affects music has to change our body's ability to heal for thousands of years. We are primitively affected by music due in part to rhythms and well-crafted melodies that vibrate our auditory system and trigger the brain into action. Everything about the human body has a rhythm. Our heartbeat, the way we breathe, the pace that we walk at and even the way we blink happens in a rhythm. Loud and crashing sounds can increase our heartbeat and stepping up the rhythm of our footsteps increases the rate at which we breathe. Soothing and calming tones with a slowed tempo can relax us and unwind body stress, muscle tension and even ease lingering pain. It is all tied into a rhythm.

    As there is a positive affect to guiding our body's natural ability to heal using upbeat and inspiring music, there is also potential of negative affects when subject to certain music. It's as simple to understand as having to hear music you simply do not like! For years, parents have hollered at their children to turn down the music! Because the loud sounds, aggressive beats and straight forward rhythms of younger people's music is appealing to them, their bodies react by increasing happiness, releasing stresses and kicking their heartbeat up a notch. The reverse of this is the affect it has on parents who want to relax after a day of work or a long drive home. The very same music can have both a positive and negative affect. The benefits of using music as a healing tool come from how the music has been written specifically.

    Science Daily references Nick Perham's Applied Cognitive Psychology to share, "For decades research has shown that listening to music alleviates anxiety and depression, enhances mood, and can increase cognitive functioning, such as spatial awareness."

    Understanding that there is both a positive type and negative type of music, Joe Vitale grasped his passion for the upbeat and emotionally inspiring elements that blend in the music he has personally found to be inspiring and has worked with top music industry professionals to record his growing catalog of music. Writing to rhythms that have shown scientific proof of having a positive effect on the body, Vitale has recorded influential lyrics and creative melodies together to create songs that keep you smiling long after they've stopped playing. With carefully crafted and memorable hooks, the long lasting benefit of listening to Vitale's positive music includes that it inspires your body to keep a strong rhythm all day! Once you've heard the music play a few times, you can sing it to yourself and feel the same uplifting presence as if it were playing right beside you.

    Researchers at the Utah Pain Research Center developed a study of the potential benefits of music to divert stimulation from physical pain. Their findings stated, "Music helps reduce pain by activating sensory pathways that compete with pain pathways, stimulating emotional responses, and engaging cognitive attention. Music provided meaningful intellectual and emotional engagement that proved to help reduce pain."

    Joe Vitale's latest addition to the catalog of music he has recorded is titled "The Healing Song," and is available for streaming audio samples at The eleven tracks on this CD are proven to trigger your body's natural healing energy to come alive. In the same way researchers have found positive music to divert the body from feeling pain, "The Healing Song" offers therapeutic music applications in the privacy of your own home, on your iPod at the gym or even in the car. Natural healing is possible when your body communicates freely and unencumbered with your senses. Simply playing Vitale's researched and professionally recorded healing music is enough to remove stress and emotional hindrance. By clearing your mind and directing focus on the positive affects of Vitale's music, the body can reap the benefits of music's power to heal.

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