The Journey of Timbo: The Indomitable Elephant Is A Book that is Dedicated to the Elephants

Top Quote This unique elephant book is a collaboration of action and awareness where the most important people in conservation are mentioned in a last attempt to help save the elephants from extinction! End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 25, 2016 - A new elephant book is out that is unlike any other book out there that brings about the awareness of their fate and future! A book which is a must read if one wants to see elephants in the wild years from now.

    This new book on elephants gets the point over of how the elephants and all wildlife are being exploited for mans greed and power for wealth in ivory. It also gets the point over about all wildlife exploitation and the killing of planet earth and all nature. Through this book, our children and children's children can read and hopefully, enjoy in the future, the wonders of wildlife and nature in all it's glory, animals wild and free to roam swim and fly without fear from man and all his killing ways.

    It also pays tribute to both the Asian and African elephants who unfortunately, at the hand of man, are being killed at an alarming rate. This book brings about awareness of the elephants fate and gives hope that they will survive years for now.

    With the high demand of ivory in Asia and poaching of these gentle giants, Ms. Day said, "I cannot imagine a world without elephants! It would be a very sad world indeed."

    Those who love and adore elephants will love this new book on Timbo's journey. It is filled with lots of photos, poems, and dedications to wildlife organizations, which also includes those high profile individuals who are who are helping to save them through their conservation efforts. Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor and environmentalist; Daphne Sheldrick of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Virginia McKenna of the Born Free Foundation, Tippi Hedren and Chris Gallucci "The Elephant Man" of the Shambala Preserve, Actress Kristin Davis and much more.

    The book ends with a children's story of Timbo's journey, a very brave little elephant that is on a quest to save his own kind from poachers. Timbo is their only chance if they are to survive for future generations.

    A paperback of this book or kindle version is available through Amazon at

    There has not been a book out there like this since Disney's Dumbo movie!

    This book is a legacy to the elephants to pass on to generations who may not be able to see an elephant in the wild years from now. It is an important book for our generation and the issues that elephants face today from poaching to habitat destruction.

    This story speaks out for the elephants themselves, who cannot speak to tell their story if they could talk. Elephants are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures who walk gently on the land and mourn over their dead as they bond closely with each other. and their lives are being threatened every day!