The Introduction of Qizhen Wood Plastic Composites

Top Quote With the advantages of wood plastic materials gradually been excavated, the research work in 2002 was included in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 19, 2012 - Wood plastic composite materials such as sawdust, rice husk, straw and plastic as the main raw material, forming a reversible recycling versatile new composite material processing after a special treatment process. Wood industry as a multi faceted, large span, specialization, the edge of the emerging industry, its equipment, technologies and processes involved in the precision machinery, fine chemicals, hydraulic transmission, vacuum technology, heat conduction, fluid mechanics, sensor technology, electronic self control, and computer programming, and other disciplines.

    Scope of wood plastic composite materials can cover almost all logs, plastic, steel, aluminum and other similar composite field of use has begun to penetrate the building, home improvement, furniture, automotive, transportation, logistics, packaging, garden, municipal , environmental protection, sports, even in the military field, radiating influence is expanding year by year, very broad application prospects. Application of wood plastic composite materials, to a large extent, to enhance the landscape design style grade, enhance the image of the overall project, to raise people's awareness of environmental protection, the new echo friendly building materials!

    With the advantages of wood plastic materials gradually been excavated, the research work in 2002 was included in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "High Technology Development Report 2002"; 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission will be "national high tech industrialization of new materials include wood plastic composites special projects "; June 2005, the State Council issued the" recent focus on the work of building a conservation oriented society. ", notice preferential tax policies to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources and the recycling of waste materials proposed a series of specific guidance.

    WPC decking materials are a class of basic materials covering a wide variety of products, diverse morphology, it fully embodies the circular economy, resource utilization, environmental health, conservation alternative advanced the concept of sustainable economic development. As people increase the emphasis on the environmental resources, waste materials recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources, recycling based economic development model has become the trend of world economic development.

    Wood plastic composite material has the following characteristics and advantages:

    Renewable resources: reflects the comprehensive utilization of resources and efficient use of wood plastic products, raw materials application, the end of life products and recycling waste can be 100% recycled.
    Product plasticizing produce products of different uses and shapes: according to user and market demand.
    Environmental protection: wood plastic substrate commonly used additives and production process clean and green, non toxic to produce. Product environmental pollution.
    Fourth, cost economization: high yield, construction convenient, simple maintenance and long product life.
    Wood plastic product also has the following advantages:

    1, durable product, anti aging, long life, anti aging 15 years.
    2, good stability, no distortion, no cracking, no warping.
    3, the natural wood grain of the appearance of the product, natural beauty, texture happy, no festival marks, twill, no color.
    4, nails, saws, planing, paints, can be sticky.
    5, waterproof, anti mildew, anti corrosion, anti moth eaten.
    6, high toughness, strong impact.
    7, fire retardant, anti static.
    Wood plastic composite material application areas:

    Structural materials: a variety of outdoor decking, fencing, sheds gantry, plank, waterfront construction;
    Decorative Building Materials: siding, decorative panels, building templates, highway isolation with black board;
    Gardens: The Landscape seat, three pools, flower boxes, waste bins, outdoor flooring, pergolas, landscape gazebo, huts, etc.;
    Logistics: transport pallets and export packaging pallets, warehouse pad, various types of crates.
    Seven true wood plastic composite materials, have passed the National Chemical Building Materials Test Center, the performance of the material has reached or exceeded the design requirements, and we look forward to your cooperation and exchanges!

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