The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team, closes another Las Vegas Short Sale and stops a Nevada Foreclosure

Top Quote The Ballen Group, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team, closes another Las Vegas Short Sale and stops a Nevada Foreclosure. End Quote
  • Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) October 05, 2011 - The Ballen Group, Leading short sale agents in Las Vegas at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, have solved another short sale problem for a Nevada Homeowner facing foreclosure. The Ballen Group, specializing in Las Vegas Short Sales, Henderson Short Sales, and North Las Vegas Short Sales, has successfully negotiated and closed a short sale transaction where a lender ( Wachovia )accepted a "short" amount on Las Vegas Real Estate, saving the sellers from being another Nevada Foreclosure statistic.

    The property on 4800 Americanwood was listed on 03/21 and closed on 09/28 at $97,000. Full deficiency waiver, no cash contribution/promissory note, and a $750 credit applied to the deficiency by the PFS program. The A/C unit was stolen during the escrow process and The Ballen Group filed a claim with the forced insurance company, because the current owners cancelled their hazard insurance, and got the A/C unit replaced with all costs covered by the insurance company.

    The sellers on Americanwood were in default and the homeowner was facing Foreclosure in Nevada. After many negotiations with the bank with no solutions, the home owners contacted The Ballen Group to negotiate a Las Vegas short sale on their behalf. The process was not easy, but with the strong negotiating powers, problem solving and a comprehensive marketing process, Ballen achieved the difficult approval to close the home.

    As with all Las Vegas short sale approvals, there must be a ready & willing buyer to purchase the home at what the bank considers "fair market value" based on their appraisers values. The seller opted to short sale their home rather than allow a Las Vegas Foreclosure in hopes of having a better credit score and the ability to purchase Las Vegas Real Estate again in approximately 2 years. The great news here is that the entire Nevada Short sale Process only took a total of 48 days to close - Start to Finish.

    The most prevalent question and one that continues to permeate the industry is: "Why should a seller go through the short sale process rather than letting their house be foreclosed upon?" In almost all instances in which a potential seller is contemplating whether they should short sell their house or let it go through the foreclosure process, a short sale is the better option. The following are examples to consider:

    Example A- Short Sale
    Mr. Smith owns a home in which he has a mortgage balance of $220,000 and a current market value of $150,000. Mr. Smith has elected to short sell his property. His Realtor successfully obtains a buyer who puts forth an offer price of $120,000 (80% current market value according to Realty Trac Foreclosure Report 5/26/2011). After reviewing the buyers offer and the financial hardship information from Mr. Smith, Mr Smith's bank agrees to accept the short payoff of $120,000 which would leave a deficiency balance of $100,000.

    The transaction closes and is final. Mr. Smith then pulls his credit report 30 days after the transaction takes place. On the report he notices that the mortgage trade line states "Mortgage debt was settled for less than full" and the balance on the mortgage is $0. Mr. Smith is now on the road to financial recovery.

    Example B- Foreclosure
    For the ease of illustration we will use the same value and mortgage debt amounts as in Example A. However, Mr. Smith has elected to forgo the short sale process and let the bank foreclose on the property. The bank holding his mortgage facilitates the proper legal procedures to foreclose on the property, all of which are costly. Mr. Smith is notified and his property foreclosed upon of which is taken back by the bank to sell as an REO.

    Six months later, the bank finally sells Mr. Smith's home only they sell it for $90,000 (60% of current market value according to Realty Trac Foreclosure report dated 5/26/2011). Remember, as a short sale, the home would have sold for $120,000 keeping the deficiency to $100,000. In addition to the deficiency now being $130,000, the bank has elected to add on legal costs of $15,000 and asset preservation costs of another $5000 for a total deficiency liability of $150,000. Mr. Smith pulls his credit report 30 days after being notified that the bank has sold his property and of his liability.
    On the report he notices that the mortgage trade line states "Foreclosure" and the balance is $150,000. Because of Mr Smith's choice to choose foreclosure vs. short sale his road to financial recovery has taken a major detour. He not only has a foreclosure on his credit report but know has a much larger deficiency balance in which the bank, in most cases, will report on his credit report as a balance owed.

    The Best Option is clear

    While the financial and credit advantages are clear when choosing a short sale over a foreclosure, other advantages are sometimes overlooked. The most important of all of them is maintaining the seller's dignity and peace of mind. There are many stories of families having to leave their homes because of a Sheriffs order or some other type of legal action. The short sale process alleviates this negative social impact. The process puts the control back in the seller's hands so that they can get back on the road to financial recovery and start providing for their families. In the battle of the two evils, a short sale always wins!!!

    To find out more about a Las Vegas Short Sale, Call The Ballen Group at 702-482-7739 or log on to

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