THC Pharmaceutical, Announces It Is Giving Away 1 Million Units Of Marizene-E Liquid Cannabis Vapor (LCV) Equaling 1 Million Grams Of Marijuana

Top Quote THC Pharmaceutical, bringing a World of Innovation with its Patented Process of converting raw cannabis to Marizene-E, Liquid Cannabis Vapor (LCV) that is used in electronic E-Joints, for Retail and Clinical Marijuana Sales. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 14, 2014 - PORTLAND, OR - THC Pharmaceutical, announced that it is giving away 1 million units of its patented Marizene-E, Liquid Cannabis Vapor (LCV) equaling one million grams of Marijuana. Marizene-E is sold and distributed under its trade name "Marizene-E, e-juice" and is used in the patented and trademarked "E-Joint" for smokeless vaping.

    Marizene-E is the patented process that converts raw cannabis into a Liquid Cannabis Vapor that can be used in e-joints for a smokeless vaping experience. The manufacturing of Marizene-E uses patented and proprietary processes and food grade chemicals to create the vapor.

    Marizene-E converts 1lb of Marijuana, increases its THC strength by 67%, reducing its physical size into food grade liquid. For example, a $1,200 pound of marijuana converts to 748.16 grams in strength. A single unit of sale is $40. A single pound costing $1,200 is converted to Marizene-E and sold as grams, gives it a retail value of $29,926.40.

    About THC Pharmaceutical

    THC Pharmaceutical differentiates itself by bringing a World of Innovation that expands on existing services of today making them the technologies of the future.

    THC Pharmaceutical does not sell or provide products containing Cannabis directly, it develops patented processes, food grade chemicals and other products that are used with or contain cannabis in different forms. All products that contain or use cannabis in any process is done by licensed third party processors, growers, medical marijuana clinics and retail locations and distributed through such businesses.

    THC Pharmaceutical strictly adheres to current laws and statutes regarding Medical and Recreational Marijuana. It goes further by lobbying for a single tax stamp on products containing marijuana so that it standardizes the collection of taxes, reducing the cost of the multi headed taxes now in place saving states millions of dollars in tax collections and increasing their tax revenue at the same time. Making it an easy, more cost effective system for the growers, medical marijuana clinics and retail sellers.

    Privacy is the utmost concern for its customers, sellers, buyers, growers, clinics, distributors and clinics. No information is ever given out regarding customers. THC Pharmaceutical maintains a private number only base that keeps our customers personal information out of our hands and anyone else.

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