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  • Fundraising efforts to save the life of a four year old girl with two major heart conditions.

    Samantha was BORN with a condition called Heterotaxy that caused several heart defects which she has undergone 3 open heart operations to correct. The first was the BT shunt. The second, the Glen. The third was the Fontan. ALL of these operations were successful...

    Samantha NOW has developed this condition/disease of Pulmonary Vein Stenosis. There are several degrees of the severity of this disease and Samantha's is one of the most aggressive and severe. This disease is extremely dangerous and does not have good survival odds.
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  • Young American Family Struggles to Keep Their Four-Year-Old Daughter Alive
  • Four year old Samantha looks like a regular child: full of life and energy and joy. Behind the scenes she's fighting for her life. After defeating a rare heart defect, her body developed a very aggressive and severe second heart condition and her family can't keep up with the expenses on their own.
  • Shannon and Frank knew their daughter was a fighter and they could not be more proud. But they never expected that a rare heart defect wouldn't be the ...
  • September 29, 2014