Supplier of the 1st British 98% Cycloastragenol brand issues public statement

Top Quote Tony Mackenzie wishes to exercise a right of reply and to put the matter straight as a result of some untrue statements that were circulated on the internet about his product and his company. End Quote
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  • (1888PressRelease) March 18, 2013 - Tony Mackenzie F.Inst.SMM is a fellow of the Institue of Sales & Marketing Management and has always valued integrity. He is the owner of HTA98, the first British brand of cycloastragenol capsules.

    He started with nothing more than his integrity, an honest belief in the product and a desire to establish a small range of niche anti aging products, at a fair and affordable price without compromising on quality. The underlying wish was to benefit the masses at a time when it hade been mainly only quite wealthy people who could afford to go to expensive anti aging specialist practitioners.

    As he was not a wealthy business person himself he struggled against many odds to get recognition and he persevered against a lot of abuse and defamation along the way.

    Now he has reached a level where his products are reaching a modest global audience.

    His statement is as follows:-

    "I would like to personally thank everyone for supporting us by ordering our HTA98 cycloastragenol capsules and other products from us in the past or if they didn't buy from us but simply joined up with the Mackenzie Protocol members club.

    Our product, my company and myself personally have been previously subject to false accusations, defamation and libel even from some established companies who should know better than to mine the depths of unprofessionalism in an effort to maintain their market share.

    I was always taught ,as a young man, starting out in marketing over 40 years ago, that the lowest form of salesmanship was to denigrate the opposition and that the more professional approach was to ignore such jibes and to concentrate on selling your own product on it's merits.

    I am glad to say that we have gradually built up our clientele on that basis and, as a result, our HTA98 is now what we believe to be one of the lowest priced genuine cycloastragenol products in the world as well as the first British branded cycloastragenol which, despite the aforementioned scurrilous attacks on our integrity, still has a growing worldwide distribution.

    HTA98 with an improved formula at half our previous retail prices and a collection of other cutting edge anti aging products are also now available from our website at where there can also be found a global reseller plan at unbeatable prices with a low cost entry starting at only 12+ mixed items.

    We recently commissioned an independent analysis on some Chinese capsules which proved to be not as described and we have recently discovered that their CoA has been published without permission of the issuer.

    Previous buyers wishing to return to us as well as new buyers will be pleased to know that all our ingredients for our range of cutting edge anti aging products are now sourced mainly in Europe or the USA and our cycloastragenol HTA98 product is sourced from the USA and made in and despatched from Britain. Any claims made to the contrary are untrue.

    Furthermore our new formula has no inactive or micro-crystalline fillers. The only added ingredients are a small amount of chitosan which is an agent to increase bioavailability and the remainder of the spare capacity of the capsules have been topped up with Astragalus root powder.

    Please have a look at the new revised information."

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