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  • Lam Kam Tuen
  • Flat B, 11/F., Florence Mansion, 6 Tsing Ling Path, Tuen Mun, NT, Hong Kong
  • Phone: 85259003038
  • URL:
  • is found on 18 April 2020. It aims to provide hiking facilities and equipment for all ages and all walks of life. Basically, starhikingshoes are participating in affiliate programs in which its products are world famous.

    The categories include hiking shoes, boots, backpacks, hiking sticks, shirts, pants, and hats. Besides, there are also rice cookers, and diamond jewerlies.

    Hiking has been a healthy soprt activities historically. But the real interest are to equiped with appropriate facilities and equipment. are sufficient to provide the required commodities for all level of customers.
Starhikingshoes58 Press Release -

  • Hike Safely with Appropriate Equipment and Training
  • Hiking accidents were frequently occured and caused death in the past three months. It seemed there are some ignorance of the dangers potentially existed in the trials that the atphlets missed. Some basic equipment the hiker should have possessed.
  • StarHikingShoes58 was launched on 1 May 2020 providing hiking equipment for all levels

    Starhikingshoes58 are eagered to provide famous ...
  • May 22, 2020