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Spread The Word Nevada, Inc. Press Release
  • 10th Anniversary Storybook Gala
  • Books are magical - they open the doors to dreams that might otherwise be overlooked. They illuminate the roads that lead to hope and brighter futures. The Storybook Gala is the highlight of Spread the Word Nevada's annual fundraising efforts. 100% of the proceeds benefit the children served.
  • June 28, 2011
  • 8th Annual Storybook Gala, Unlock the World of Literacy
  • Books are the key to a child's future. They open up new worlds of opportunity and enable children to realize their dreams and achieve their goals. Join us in unlocking the pathways to literacy, success and brighter futures for the children of Southern Nevada! Proceeds from the event will continue literacy services to assist our disadvantaged children.
  • July 13, 2010