Spenmarks Pharma Pvt.ltd Announces To Promote Wellbeing Of Animals By Offering Good Quality Medicines And Feed Supplements

Top Quote SpenmarksPharmaPvt.Ltd is a leading player in animal feed market that promotes the wellness of animals. It also supplies medicines for animals and gives good quality animal feed which is free of contamination and other harmful nutrients. Thus, helping the animals to enjoy a good health and keeping the clients satisfied. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 06, 2014 - Spenmarks Pharma Pvt. Ltd is a leading player in animal feed market and offers the best animal feed made from proper fermentation process which keeps the animals free of ailments. Even for the mass consumption, the company is able to meet the most demanding requests of the animal feeds and medicines as it promotes the wellbeing of the animals. The enriched protein quality of the food is perfect for giving nutritional improvement to animals and the company makes sure, all the feeds are made through safe methods and free of any contamination.

    The nutritional Deficiencies can impair the immune response and causes susceptible diseases. Thus, the company does not ignore the research on amino acids, trace minerals, etc. which are useful for animals and also checks there is nothing hazardous for animals. The company promotes new and innovative ways to check the food quality and makes sure that the animals have a good health. Sometimes, there are objects in animal food like nails and wires which the animals like cows, goats, etc. can swallow and it may harm them or kill them causing sudden death sometimes. Thus, the company takes all the efforts to give the best quality food which is free of such materials.

    Spenmarks Pharma Pvt. Ltd understands the nutrient needs of the animals. It also understands the animal metabolism and their performance and therefore it analyzes the diet of animals, address their nutrition gaps and offers reliable feed through standardized processes. The feeding solutions optimize animal production and maintain their health as well. The company focusses on the quality of nutrients instead of ingredients and therefore, it can give the best animal feeds.

    A senior spokesperson of the company said, "One of the biggest challenges in animal feed is the quality of food as it can cause microbiological infections and even death of animals. The main reason is food contamination. Thus, we make sure that we process the food through safe and sustainable methods to maintain the health of the animals. We also provide medicines for animals for specific ailments they suffer from. Our company manufactures and supplies cat food, dog food, barley, oats, rye, carob, sorghum, granular animal feed, animal feed supplements, fishmeal, nuts, bloat blocks and fats for animal feed for Poultry, sheep, coat, Livestock, etc.. We also offer medicines for trade to meet the customized requirements. We make sure no ill effects are caused to the animals because of the feeds."

    About SpenmarksPharmaPvt.Ltd:
    Spenmarks Pharma Pvt. Ltd is the manufacturer and distributor of animal feed and medicines where it makes sure the products offered are safe and efficient for the animals. It serves and supplies animal feed of broad range and pays attention to customized animal nutrition. The company lays strict emphasis on safety and integrity and makes sure your business grows along with the health of animals.

    For more information on animal feeds and medicines please log on to : http://www.kompass.in/spenmarks-pharma-pvt-ltd.

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