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Southern World Publishing Information
  • Cheryl Foth
  • 40 SE River Lights Stuart, Florida
  • Phone: 772-223-0832
  • URL: http://wwwcherfoth.com
  • Southern World Publishing, LLC is a small publisher of select books incorporated in 2014 and located in Stuart, Florida. It is the publisher for the young adult archaeology series by Cher Foth and a new series called, Teasers.
Southern World Publishing Press Release -


  • The Kidnapping of Inda Jackson By Exciting Debut Author Cher Foth Launches First Of Young Adult Archaeology Adventure Series
  • After several years of research, I am now ready to unleash upon the world my first novel targeted to the young adult set and to whomever would like to read a good story about love and adventure. Inspired by Stephenie Meyer and her hero, Edward Cullen, the prose is also devoid of four letter words and inappropriate sex scenes. I like to think of it as Scarlett O'Hara meets Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Southern World Publishing announces the release of The Kidnapping of Inda Jackson, on sale, March 31st, at all major retailers. The Kidnapping of Inda ...
  • March 26, 2015