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  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) July 19, 2010 - The first step to achieving good health is getting ones weight under control.New studies confirm that obesity is on the rise, bringing with it a greater risk of diabetes and a lower life expectancy. In January 2003, the Journal of the American Medical Association featured a study that found that obesity appears to lessen life expectancy, especially among young adults. The researchers compared Body-Mass Index (BMI) to longevity and found a correlation between premature death and higher BMIs. For example, a 20-year-old white male, 5'10" weighing 288 pounds with a BMI of greater than 40 was estimated to lose 13 years of his life as a result of obesity. While this study referenced extreme levels of obesity, there are still millions of overweight Americans with a life expectancy rate that is three to five years less than their healthy-weight counterparts.

    Herbalife is the leading distributor of natural health and fitness products in the U.S. and internationally, running 26 years in 62 countries strong. Herbalife products are proven by science to work with your body to help you lose weight, gain weight, gain more energy, and much more. Herbalife also guarantees that you will maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Herbalife distributes weight loss products, weight gain products, skin care and hair care products, immunity strengthening products, and products that will give you a boost of energy to get through the day more efficiently and more alert. Herbalife also has programs to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Herbalife has helped millions of Americans take control of their eating. Herbalife's products can help just about anyone who is overweight lower their calorie intake and improve their nutrition. In addition, Herbalife's Distributor force provides the day-to-day support people need to change their eating habits, incorporate Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix into their daily routine and develop the confidence they need to lose weight and enjoy total wellness. We have the programs people need to reverse the overweight trend-and to help them gain control in the "battle of the bulge." Without it, we are losing years off our lives.

    Just Look At These Results:

    Increasing the speed of the metabolism can keep weight down, so put the metabolism to work. People eat food for fuel. When people burn it for energy to run their bodies, the process creates heat. Herbalife's ShapeWorks™ products assist the body's engine to burn fuel efficiently, helping the metabolism stay revved and functioning well.

    Keep The Metabolism Revved With These Tips:
    TIP#1-Engage in 30 minutes of activity every day to help minimize weight gain and to raise metabolic rate.
    TIP#2-Tone muscles by weight training three days a week. Start small-try walking with one to two pound weights.
    TIP#3Do not eat fewer than 1,200 calories a day. Eating too little may slow the metabolism.
    TIP#4-Never skip breakfast. It may slow down the metabolism.
    TIP#5-Use Herbalife products every day including Total Control and Herbal Concentrate.
    TIP#6-Have a supply of Herbalife's products on hand and reach for these when you want a snack. Enjoy Protein Bars, Roasted Soy Nuts with Cardia® Salt, Soup Mix and Drink Mix.

    Round out a diet with Omega-3 fatty acids. Protect against heart disease, ease joint pain and help diabetes with Omega-3 fatty acids. Read up on the latest supporting research. In a report published in Circulation, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommended that healthy adults should eat at least two servings of fish per week, particularly those containing the most potent form of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Herbalifeline, one of Herbalife's amazing products, is rich in EPA and DHA. Great news for arthritis sufferers. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , researchers studied how fish oil affects a molecule called tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF), which is known to trigger inflammation. The study found that fish oil might act as an anti-inflammatory substance by suppressing the body's ability to make TNF.3 Herbalifeline® is rich in fish oils, and provides even more support for joints when combined with Joint Support-Glucosamine with Herbs.

    For more information about Herbalife's products visit: Herbalife products can also be bought at this website, so if anyone is ready to lose weight and improve total wellness the easy way this website is the place to go.

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