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  • Ames, IA (1888PressRelease) December 31, 2010 - Social work is the vocation of the compassionate; working for positive change, intervening to correct poor decisions, and seeking to end the injustices brought about by the pressures of modern society. Social work is also a profession and it requires a special set of skills and bank of knowledge for a person to be successful. As such,how to become a social worker takes much more than simply filling out a job application. There are hundreds of accredited social work programs in the United States, and there are numerous jobs under the umbrella of social work. Deciding where to get education and for what kind of social work position can be a daunting challenge for an interested person. The Social Worker Training Site makes things much easier.

    The site takes a look at both undergraduate and graduate programs and offers a visitor interested in becoming a social worker an idea of what the best academic social work programs include in course of study. A preview of what type of courses comprise a major in social work and what are the special features a given program has to offer (e.g. field work, the possibility of foreign study or internship, etc.) can be found there for the focused attention of a visitor. Professional certification requirements are presented and where they can be obtained, and the possibility of online or distance learning is explored on the various links of the site, with the intent of providing as many options as practicable for an aspiring student.

    Academic studies are not all to found on the Social Worker Training Site. As mentioned earlier, there are a large number of possible jobs in the field of social work and the site provides job descriptions one might expect for a given position. The site also provides links to career testimonies of working professionals in the field and the stories they tell of the rewards and challenges of social work. Qualifications above and beyond the academic degree are discussed on the site and the means to get needed work experience is shared with the visitor.

    Perhaps the most significant bit of knowledge provided to a site visitor is about the intrinsic nature of the social work career. This is a calling that calls for heightened levels of empathy. A person may pursue clinical work, but it is difficult to keep a detached, objective approach to the problems of people in need. A visitor is reminded of this almost everywhere he or she wanders on the site.

    Social work is an honorable vocation and can be a fantastic career. Social workers themselves will readily admit to a high degree of job satisfaction despite the long hours, and few regret their decision to enter the field. The Social Worker Training Site is a means for anyone interested in social work, or for professionals looking to advance in the field, to explore those learning options which will best jumpstart a career in the service of those less fortunate.

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